SHOWCASE: Mega Team’s 1992 DMC Entry — gear abuse frenzy

[youtube ID=”s9omYhDWr5k”]

I often remind people that despite the copious amount of next gen shiny that we shovel into your browser on a daily basis, it is all about the music. And then I was pointed to the above video by our own Drew Bach, and in this case it really has almost nothing to do with the music and is very much about what they do with the gear.

We can only assume that they were big fans of Chad Jackson’s pool cue and rugby ball antics at previous DMC battles. But what Mega Team bring is bordering on the antithesis of DJing. I can only imagine just how Tony Prince and his people panicked when they saw what was going on. From a turntablist perspective this is how you quite literally fuck shit up.

As Drew points out, this is a true forerunner to the Scratch Perverts epic almost music-free 2000 DMC team routine, and deserves a lot more attention that the 3500+ views it has had so far. So go add a few more thousand views to it.