This year’s Coachella saw one of the finest Hip Hop groups of all time reform for a 1 hour set. Jurassic 5 are technically 4 emcees and 2 DJs, known as much for their diverse rhyming styles as they are for the music and DJ skills of DJ Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist. And it’s the section in the middle of this full length Coachella video that is of most interest to we DJs.

Coachella Jurassic 5 DJ Nu-Mark Cut Chemist

Clearly, the guys have attacked various lumps of DJ gear to make their own performance pieces. Nu-Mark starts with a regular Beatthang session, after which assorted modded gear gets rolled out into a double performance from the J5 DJs. Vinyl as a wearable drum machine? Check. CDJ with a shoulder strap? Check. Giant turntable operated by 2 DJs? Double check.

The above video should start at the right place, but if not, jump to 15:00 if you want a live gear fix.

For Jurassic 5 fans, it would appear that this isn’t a one-off event. It sounds like a tour is on the cards. And given the quality of the performance in this video, it’ll be something worth seeing for sure.