Serato Video Beta

Video is about to be the next big thing. Most software vendors have been handling the moving medium for some time now, but Serato have now made their Video-SL plugin cross-platform i.e. SSL and ITCH, and called it Serato Video. We saw it briefly at NAMM, but now you can try it for yourself – Serato Video is now in public beta.

No press release this time round, so I’ve lifted this from the beta forum:

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Serato Video 1.0 Public Beta. Please make sure you are familiar with the Conditions of Use and read the following release notes carefully before downloading.

Note: Before running the Serato Video 1.0 Public Beta, you will need to upgrade to the latest beta versions of Scratch Live ( and ITCH (

What is Serato Video?
* A new video product that replaces Video-SL.
* Works with all Scratch Live hardware and all ITCH hardware.
* Incremental improvements to current Video-SL version
* Free update to all current owners of Video-SL.

What does it do?
* Allows you to mix videos
* Two FX slots per video with on/off button and wet/dry knob.
* Multiple Transition FX.
* Audio – Video associations.
* Saved FX.
* Independent Text and Image FX.
* Linked controls on supported hardware (Faders, EQs).
* Same user experience and GUI for both Scratch Live and ITCH.
* Improved output options for Text and Image FX
* Image and Text FX can now be displayed over just left, just right, or whole mix. This allows you to display messages / DJ Logo / images for your whole set, rather than just per video.
* Collapsable image, text and fader windows – don’t use what you don’t need.

Known Issues:

* Preview window displays incorrect aspect ratio.

Known issues will be addressed during this beta period.

If you want to play, you’ll have to use the latest versions of SSL and ITCH. Some of you will no doubt be running older versions that you’re happy with, so see this SSL post and this ITCH post on how to run multiple versions.

I’ve had an alpha version since NAMM, and in my brief plays, I’ve had a lot of fun. I was truck by how I used it in different ways across the VCI-300 and Twitch. The contrast between using jog wheels and buttons was evident, and made it much more interesting that using turntables. Let’s remember that the turntable wasn’t designed to use video, so anything goes as far as video is concerned.

So what happens to MixEmergency – Inklen’s own and seemingly more popular video software that used Scratch Live as a control environment. It has to be pointed out that this has been entirely unofficial, but as of the latest versions of Scratch Live, that back door has been firmly shut.

If you want to continue to use MixEmergency, you’ll have to stick with old versions of SSL. You can still use ME though, just not with the vinyl control that SSL offers. Inklen don’t seem too phased though – while that state the end of compatibility, v2 is being teased. I’m interested to see where that goes.

So over to you. Please share your thoughts on video, and also experiences on using this beta version of Serato Video. But bug reports should be made over at the relevant Serato forums.


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