Serato to unveil Serato DJ 2.0 or Pro or something in livestream

Being the impatient lot that we are, many of us have been waiting expectantly by our screen, hammering the refresh button to within an inch of its life, hoping for even a smidgen of new about the rumoured update to Serato’s flagship Serato DJ software. And after a period of not especially closed beta, it seems that Serato is ready to lift the lid off of their latest major update.

Just announced in Instagram, Serato is going to show us exactly what’s coming in what’s being dubbed as Serato DJ 2.0. But we’ve already seen it being demoed at NAMM as Serato DJ Pro, and indeed the copious NDA disregarding leakage from forums and social media confirm the existence of Serato DJ Pro too. A last-minute name change? Maybe a Pro version will be announced that has more than has currently been released? Probably just playing coy, or maybe throwing out red herrings.

Who knows. Well actually, we all will this coming Monday at 3.30pm Eastern Standard Time. Being the helpful chap that I am, I made a useful time conversion page for major cities, but you should be able to make sure you catch the live stream wherever you are.

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