DJ Furniture – Roomy DJ make incredible looking DJ set ups

I remember the halcyon days of living with my parents with just my DJ gear and a desire to make people dance. It was also a chance for me to flex my fledgling carpentry skills and design a workstation of sorts to sit neatly in the corner of my bedroom, designed with the express intention of providing a place for everything and a workflow to suit my music making aspirations. The saw operator at my local B&Q said he’d never had such a detailed and precise cutting list in his life. And never had my ancient W reg Mini groaned so much under the weight of numerous lengths of black ash ContiBoard.

So when a story arrives that alleviates the need to design, and simply delivers high quality workstations, it has my interest. And that’s just what Lukas from Roomy DJ sent me. Faced with a lack of furniture that he found suitable for his setup, he made his own. And now he’s turned this into a business.

Roomy DJ custom boutique DJ furniture (4)
Even your full DMC ready setup will please the eye of your normally disapproving better half.

Being hand-made DJ furniture, the quality level however is several notches above what you’d find down at your local DIY chain. Using Blum Legrabox drawers tells you all you need to know about what Roomy DJ furniture is about, and also what you might expect to pay (starting at €1659). For this isn’t cheap chipboard held together with plastic assembly joint blocks and finished with iron-on strip. Roomy’s furniture appears to be serious business indeed. This has 18mm backs, soft touch drawers, and pull-out shelves capable of taking the heaviest of turntable setups without a hint of a creak.

DJ Furniture - Roomy DJ make incredible looking DJ set ups

Realising that DJs are a conservative lot, the Roomy aesthetic is somewhat monochromatic, but does come in a number of textures, and includes a couple of oak options for the carcasses too. And I’m sure that a quick conversation with Lukas will yield more custom options too — providing you’re willing to pay for them of course.

Bottom line — if you’re going to spend many thousands on shiny technology, why put it on a wobbly laminate stand? Why inflict some kind of bolted together monstrosity on your better half’s aesthetic sensibilities in your living room? You can drool over the Roomy DJ furniture range right here.

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