how to review DJ gear

We at DJWORX are nothing if not thorough with our reviews. If a manufacturer makes a claim… say… that their product is waterproof for example, they’d better be damned sure that it lives up to it. So when Magma claims their DJ bag is “constructed entirely from hardwearing PVC Tarpaulin, its outer shell and all zippers are fully waterproof which ensures your gear is protected even in the worst weather”, what was I to do? Into the shower it goes!

[youtube id=”7sKvocKaYd0″]

One day, we will do a controller durability test by sticking some skateboard trucks to the bottom and seeing how long they last. In the meantime, you could almost hear the sigh of relief from Decksavers when Mark did an Irish jig on their gear.

NOTE: luckily, no expensive gear was harmed in the process, even though the bag had two Kontrol X1s, a Xone 62 and an Audio 8 in. Cue Insanity Wolf meme.

Editor’s Note — this will become commonplace in the future. The things we have planned… 😉