Native Instruments Remix Sets

Remix Sets – fuel for your Traktor Kontrol F1

Given that Native Instruments make sounds to throw into their assorted menu of hardware and software, it was just a matter of time before similar offerings appeared for their Remix Decks. Called Remix Sets, these are created with leading DJs and producers to give you a head start in making best use of the Remix Decks and Kontrol F1 hardware.

Here’s proper verbiage from NI HQ:

Native Instruments introduces new generation of artist-based TRAKTOR Remix Sets

Berlin, November 15, 2012 – Native Instruments today introduced a new generation of TRAKTOR Remix Sets set up for immediate use with the latest TRAKTOR software with Remix Deck™ technology. These exclusive premium-grade loops and one-shot sample packs provide DJs of different musical genres with complete tracks by renowned artists for enhancing sets, jamming and live remixing. Released in cooperation with leading online music retailers, the series kicks off in style with M.A.N.D.Y., who are celebrating 10 years of Get Physical with their track ‘Twisted Sister’, out now exclusively on Beatport.

Programmed for ease-of-use and flexibility, the ‘Twisted Sister’ Remix SetTM provides DJs with 64 loops and one-shot-samples that are divided into different sections, identified by groups, pages and colors. All pages contain the original track split into four easy to use groups for drums (red), bass (pink), synthesizer lead (green) and sound effects/vocals (blue). While pages 1 and 2 contain the key elements of a track, pages 3 and 4 are the performance pages providing performable synths and additional vocal shots. With this new generation of TRAKTOR Remix Sets, DJs now have the ability to truly perform live.

TRAKTOR’s Remix Decks were introduced with the new version of NI’s flagship DJ software TRAKTOR PRO 2.5, which came as a free update for all existing users of TRAKTOR PRO 2. Remix Decks allow DJs to creatively remix and rearrange tracks before and during their actual performance. With the all-new generation of TRAKTOR Remix Sets, DJs of any genre get inspiring fuel to perform live edits, layer individual parts, or work individual song elements by different artists coherently into their own DJ sets with total freedom, creating their own trademark sound.

Each regular track deck within TRAKTOR PRO 2 and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 can be switched to a Remix Deck, thus offering dedicated transport, sync and tempo master controls. With its 16 stylish, multi-colored pads to fire loops and one-shot samples, the TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 was designed specifically to control the TRAKTOR Remix Decks and provides full and tactile control – DJs can combine this with Native Scratch timecode control via vinyl or CDs, or use the jog wheels of the KONTROL S4 and KONTROL S2 hardware.

Pricing and availability

All TRAKTOR Remix Sets are available exclusively through major download shops for less than $4.99*.

The ‘Twisted Sister’ Remix SetTM by M.A.N.D.Y. is available now exclusively at

Further product information and press material

A video of M.A.N.D.Y discussing the details of their all new and exclusive Remix Set is available on YouTube at:

Additional information on the new generation of TRAKTOR Remix Sets is available at

So super cheap high quality and very regular paid-for content to make the Remix Decks sing… I’m all for it – brilliant idea. There has been much talk over the years about mashups and remixes, and with this new type of product, the idea of delivering track stems into the hands of end users to make their own remixes is brilliant, as is providing raw materials to allow these familiar bits and bobs to be used in conjunction with other familiar materials too. That said, having some fresh raw material is going to allow people to be pretty creative, provided we don’t suddenly get a slew of same sounding Remix Set based dance tracks hitting Beatport.

The biggest thing for me is the price – there is one. I’m a firm believer in things having value – just because you don’t have a tangible touchable product doesn’t mean that it’s worthless. I find that the market is awash with too much free stuff that is pretty dire from a quality perspective, which makes it hard for the good stuff to get any attention. NI and Beatport have the machine to put out this kind of thing on a regular basis and get paid. The phrase “you get what you pay for” will probably be very true here. It’s all about perceived value.

Native Instruments Remix Sets

That said, even at $4.99, people will claim that its too expensive, and will no doubt hunt around for illegal copies and pirate the living crap out of it. That would be a massive shame. People need to get paid for their work or they’ll stop working. I think it would be beneficial if Beatport can turn this into something that everyone, and not just NI can get into. A whole Remix Set section would be a good move, and would help establish the Remix Decks as a proper workflow, rather than something that people circle with suspicion because it’s different.

This is what you might call an official route to get such content, but others do exist. Remix Deck Set has a growing list of Remix Sets, and while welcome, the legality of chopping up other people’s work and making it available to download has to be called into question, even if it is done for no commercial gain.

Remix Sets - fuel for your Traktor Kontrol F1

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