Gemini G4V 4 channel DJ Controller (2)

RELEASED: Gemini G4V DJ Controller

Gemini G4V 4 channel DJ Controller (2)

The Gemini G4V has been floating around the DJ sphere since NAMM, and having undergone a tweak or two since then, it’s now just about ready for public consumption. For those who may have missed it, the Gemini G4V, and its small sibling the G2V are Gemini’s current offerings in the latest trend for shoehorning performance pads into DJ gear.

Press release from Gemini follows:

The G4V transforms the standard DJ MIDI devices into a dynamic
and formidable software performance controller.

Edison, NJ – July 8, 2013  Gemini’s new G4V, a USB controller/audio interface with built in 4-channel mixer.  MAP – $399.95, Suggested Retail – $639.95

The G4V transforms the standard DJ controller into a dynamic performance controller. Within its fully metal enclosure the G4V provides 2 full-featured physical DJ decks, touch-sensitive jog wheels, 4 channels of audio with 3-band EQ and filter controls, and 16 multi-function performance pads and rotary encoders, the G4V delivers the sought after controls for spontaneous and intuitive track playback and manipulation.

Standard DJ tools including pitch fader, key-lock, cue controls with hot cues, are augmented by advanced sampling controls, on-the-fly loop move, auto loop and loop roll modes. The 4-channel mixer gives you constant access to the Gain, EQ, and dedicated Filter controls on each software deck. A balanced XLR master output, master and booth RCA outputs, microphone and auxiliary inputs give you all that you could want in when it comes to I/Os.

The pre-mapped FX controls for Virtual DJ bring immediate results upon first use, while the fully MIDI mappable and high-resolution 14-bit controls give the G4V the ability to easily be adapted for use with any of your favorite DJ applications. The multi-function performance pads and rotary encoders are detailed and responsive enough for a vast array of assignments and the vivid lighting of the performance pads, function buttons, and active LED level monitors give the visual feedback required in dimply lit enviroments.

With a professional 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface and all I/O’s needed to monitor, record and playback.  Connect a microphone or an auxiliary source and the sound leaving the G4V is only limited by your imagination.

Also available is the G2V (full metal enclosure), a USB controller/audio interface with built in 2-channel mixer.  MAP – $299.95,  Suggested Retail – $479.95

We’re pretty impressed by the G4V. Gemini has struggled to find its feet in an rapidly changing market in recent years. But there seems to be a bit of a renaissance happening — a better website, a rationalised range and more focus. The G4V in particular is bang on trend and right in the same very sales friendly ball park as the phenomenally successful Pioneer DDJ-SX, but at a price that way more people can afford.

We’ve been promised demo units as soon as they’re available. Review coming soon.

UPDATE: Euro prices of €399.95 and €299.95 for the G4v and G2V respectively.

RELEASED: Gemini G4V DJ Controller

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