DISCLAIMER: I’ve been a part of the beta since the beginning and have worked for Next Audio Labs on the Rekord Buddy 2 manual.

After a long, painful, and sometimes exciting beta, the newly minted OS X version of Rekord Buddy 2 is landing on 8 September (or 09.08.16 as Damien so Yankee-ly puts it). Apparently, someone else has booked in 909 day for some other thing. For around $60, you’ll be able to get yourself an app that manages, edits and syncs your music collection with Serato, Traktor and rekordbox.

My thoughts

I’ve watched (and written about) the progress of Rekord Buddy 2 as its developed, but the one feature that will tip me over the edge into using the software as my central library management system has arrived! The late addition of audio playback finally gels the app together and means Rekord Buddy 2 can be a singular point for your collection, no matter which software you want to use, instead of having to switch to something else to listen to your music (something I find essential while organising my library)

What you’ll get at launch is a well polished bit of software, from a single developer who is genuinely passionate about his project. I’m not just saying that, honestly. Also, YES! Windows version is still on the way. I’m sure we’ll hear something once the OS X version is out the door.

Your thoughts

Are you excited about what Rekord Buddy 2 brings to the DJ world? What features are you looking forward to and is there anything you wish was added (inb4 “WINDOWS VERSION”).

Head over the Next Audio Labs site to get in on some beta action and score yourself a bit of a discount. After that, it’ll be $59.99 in their online store.