I’ve been running a short series on my adventures with my Vestax VRX-2000 vinyl cutter. It’s been a lot of fun‚ a welcome challenge on so many levels, and a great learning experience too. But I feel I’ve reached the end of my journey with is unique slice of Vestax history, and will be putting it up for sale at the end of this piece.


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PRIVATE STASH SALE: Vestax VRX-2000 vinyl cutter

Can you help me fix my Vestax VRX-2000 vinyl cutter?

So I was going to sell it as is (i.e. not working), but then my inner engineer got curious. Before I knew it, the VRX-2000 was not only running, but cutting too. So let’s carry on with the adventure.

The missing link — an EQ/preamp board. Library picture supplied by Vestax.


Cutting a long story short, I’ve fixed everything I can. Having established that something was missing inside, I contacted Toshi, boss of Vestax to see if he could help. What came my way was proof that the above EQ/preamp board was missing. He and some clever people over at the lathetrolls forum suggested bypassing the internal audio path and talking directly to the cutting head with an external source.

My audio bypass cable — sends external audio and takes current to heat the stylus.

So I did just that. After tracing the audio path, I’ve been able to hook up a non-destructive connector cable with external RCAs, and intercept the stylus heater current too. This plugs into onboard connectors, so it’s easily reversible, and some clever spark could add an inline switch so that the VRX could jump between standalone (with the right innards in place) and external mode.

Connecting this to a very cheap amp, I have been able to cut vinyl, albeit with poorly EQ’d sound. Yay — it cuts, and I’ve had a scratch session with this vinyl, and ticked off a bucket list item at the same time.

So having got it to a point where I’ve got it cutting vinyl with audio, I’ve achieved what I wanted to, and thus feel that my adventures with the VRX-2000 have come to an end.


After weeks of staring at my cutter, and comparing it to long delayed future plans, I think my time with the VRX is over. I’ve got it to a point where I know it cuts, and all that is left is for someone with considerably more time and audio experience than me to get it sounding better.

As far as audio goes, it could be a matter of recreating the missing custom board with the help of materials provided to me. Perhaps somebody wishes to don a detective hat and pin down the missing boards in Japan. Or most likely some clever type will be able to make a new internal board, or put some off the shelf components together so that the VRX can work fully standalone. Or you could start cutting today by driving it from higher quality external sources.

BTW it’s also a bloody great big turntable too that you can hook up to an amp or directly to studio monitors. So you can have a real talking point in your home of a record player that also makes records too.


Let’s go through what’s on offer:

VRX-2000 Cutter — Boxed, fully checked and working bar the missing internal board, and non-destructively modded with RCA outs to directly address the cutting head. The only things missing from the original kit are a headshell (which you’ll probably have anyway) and a record weight. I found I didn’t need it anyway.

3 x cutting stylus — one needs a little repair to replace the ultra fine wire, but it’s easily done with some fresh wire (NiChrome 4 ohm I believe) and conductive glue. For the sake of a few quid and a little time, you’ve saved yourself £175ish.

Accessory Kit — I’ve used some of the consumables, but not much.

Blanks — 225 in assorted boxes, around 90 of those in blank sleeves and liners. Usually retail for £5 each.

Cables and connectors — I’ll throw in the odds and ends that I used to create the non-destructive mod. I can’t see me using them again, but whoever buys this could find them useful.

Documentation — I’ve got materials not widely available outside of Vestax, including block diagrams and schematics, as well as a training seminar booklet. These helped me get as far as I did.


When offering it for sale before, it was done so with the express knowledge that it was a non-working project. But now I’ve got it to a point where it’s in working order and cuts. It’s still a project but specifically for the more audio minded. The price however remains just the same as before — £2995 plus shipping. It is sold as seen, with no returns.

This is priced to sell (the vinyl and stylii are worth £1.5k alone), so please don’t come at me with low ball offers.

Cash, online banking, and Paypal are fine. And I won’t ship until I’ve been paid, nor will I meet you in some shadowy car park — it’s shipped to a validated address, your Paypal address, or you can come and collect it.

Given the size of this, along the blanks, this is a long way from being cheap to ship. Ideally, I’d like this to stay in the UK (for collection if possible). I will however ship it overseas, via insured courier.

It’ll be three heavy boxes (cutter + 2 x boxes of blanks):

UK: Cutter is £14 (+£85 insurance), and the vinyl is £18 (+£35 insurance). A man with a van or personal collection is an option too.

Mainland Europe: Varies per country. Germany for example is £16 (+£85 insurance), whereas the rest of Europe starts at £30. Contact me for a price.  The vinyl starts at £20 (+£35 insurance). Again please contact me to get a price before agreeing to a sale.

USA: Cutter is £100 (+£85 insurance), and the vinyl is £105 (+£35 insurance).

I must stress this — if you choose uninsured shipping, or decide to make your own arrangements for collection or personal pickup, any damage or loss is entirely at your expense. Once loaded into the back of a van, it is no longer my responsibility. And any local import duty is at your expense too.


If you fancy having this rare slice of Vestax history in your life, drop me a line at cutter@djworx.com and let’s see if we can get this into the hands of someone who can finish its journey.