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rane seventy two twelve shipping

Rane TWELVE and SEVENTY TWO shipping now

For the last 24 hours, my social media feeds and inbox have been awash with PR from Serato and Rane about the availability of the spangly new SEVENTY TWO mixer and TWELVE turntable controller. Indeed, I watched a late night demo of the whole setup from Rane, and today I’ve seen an excellent demo from Canada’s Scratch Bastid, which as mysteriously disappeared just before pressing the publish button. So here’s one from JFB instead:

Here’s what Rane has to say:


Much anticipated Rane hardware released to revolutionize DJ performance

MUKILTEO, WA USA (April 4, 2018)— Steeped in DJ, Club and Battle-Mix culture since 1981, Rane DJ technology powers the creative energy of the world’s most recognised Pro-DJs, Turntablists and Artists. Rane products continue to lock down innovation, durability, reliability and superior performance, flowing direct from the DJ’s fingertips, to the dancefloor! April 2018, Rane DJ unleashes two of its most innovative and future-facing DJ performance products to date – The tonearm and needle-less ‘Twelve’ motorized control turntable and, powered by Serato DJ Pro, the two-channel, ‘Seventy-Two’ advanced control and performance mixer.

The SEVENTY-TWO (Advanced Control and Performance Mixer)

With the strength and durability of solid-steel and aluminum casing, the gig and battle-ready Seventy-Two mixer represents the ultimate in advanced control needs and performance expectations of today’s DJs. Designed in collaboration with leading

Turntablists around the world and with the foundation of a globally trusted Seattle, US-based engineering heritage, the Seventy- Two redefines what is possible when true DJ artistry meets ground-breaking technology.

Powered by the all-new Serato DJ Pro software, the Seventy-Two’s 4.3” color touchscreen interface visualizes its moving waveforms, enabling navigation, track selection and extensive performance preference adjustment too. It also offers full FX control and sonic manipulation utilizing and stacking the Seventy-Two’s dual Flex FX engines with Serato DJ Pro’s extensive effects banks. Two DJs can perform simultaneously and handover effortlessly via the unit’s dual-USB connections. Turntablists can cut, flare, chirp, crab, orbit and transform with the new, tactile and precision based Mag Three faders, then flip between creative control functions via the 16 MPC-style pads with RGB backlight and multi-performance mode selections. Also, Serato’s expressive Pitch ‘n Time DJ expansion is included free with the Seventy-Two, for DJs to integrate creative ‘pitch-play’ techniques into the mix.

Highlights of the SEVENTY-TWO:

  • Solid steel construction—built like a tank for non-stop, heavy-duty use
  • (3) New MAG THREE contactless tension-adjustable faders for crossfader and channel faders with reverse, contour controls, and cut-in adjustment
  • 4.3” touchscreen for moving-wave display, X/Y FX control, song selection and user customizations
  • Dual FLEX FX engines
  • Stacked Serato DJ Pro FX with internal post-fader FLEX FX
  • Dual die-cast aluminum FX paddles with 180-degree rotation
  • Chain-integrated Serato software effect control plus one internal FLEX effect per channel
  • Dual USB connections for DJ handoffs and simultaneous performance
  • Legacy Rane US engineered superior, class-leading audio quality (114db SNR USB to analog output)
  • 16 Akai Pro MPC performance pads w/RGB backlight, adjustable threshold and aftertouch, with independent mode controls per deck.
  • Industry first – assignable USB controller inputs for RANE TWELVE motorized control turntable
  • Full on-board Serato DJ Pro transport/pad control should traditional turntables fail
  • Unlocks Serato DVS, with Serato’s Official Control Vinyl included (also ships with Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ expansion)

The TWELVE (True Vinyl, Motorized Control Turntable)

With no tonearm or damaged/skipping needles, the Rane Twelve gifts the Pro, Club, Scratch and Battle DJ with a zero-error, secure and solid performance environment coupled with the 100% essence of a ‘real-feel’, true vinyl DJ experience. The heartbeat of the music finally returns to the DJs fingertips! The Twelve’s twin-torque, 12” motorized platter gives 3,600 ticks of resolution, per single vinyl revolution. This brings precision music file playback with hitherto unrealized digital performance accuracy – customizable even further with a DJ’s own choice of slipmat/butter-rug.

For too long now, Turntablists and DJs have had to compromise at live shows on their preferred levels of sub-bass frequencies, dialling it back in fear of feedback, rumble and noise. Now, with the Rane Twelve, control vinyl DJs can #ReclaimTheBass and perform their music at the full frequency range enjoyed by their fellow ‘digital’ DJs. In addition, the layout of the all-metal bodied Twelve is so familiar, that any DJ who’s used a turntable before will feel instantly at home. The control elements are simplicity itself to use, with four deck-select buttons and the multi-function touch strip for track searching and setting/triggering hot cues, in place of the tone arm.

Both an evolution and a revolutionary movement in DJ turntable technology, the Twelve motorized DJ control system is without doubt, RANEvolutionary!

Highlights of the TWELVE:

  • Full 12” vinyl with motorized platter to control playback
  • Traditional, familiar turntable layout—no need to learn something new
  • Strip Search with 8 hot-cue-triggers access
  • 5.0 kfcm high-torque motor with high/low torque adjust for more traditional setups
  • Four decks of control – DJ’s can use one, two or more (dependant on number of mixer channels available)
  • Extreme precision—3,600 ticks of platter resolution for seamless performance
  • MIDI interface via USB that can be connected to the SEVENTY-TWO or your computer
  • 33 ¹/³ and 45 RPM platter speeds
  • 8/16/50% pitch with precise dual-resolution detented slider
  • Top panel rotary and traditional Motor Off switch allows classic wind-down effects
  • An Official Serato Accessory – will work plug-and-play with the Rane Seventy-Two or other Serato DJ Pro supported hardware

“Born in the USA in 1981, Rane has always put product reliability, durability and a solid feature set for DJs at its forefront. Now, with the Rane DJ Twelve and Seventy-Two, these breakthrough products look set to mature and enhance DJ sets, live-shows and competitive battles, well into the future”, said Paul Dakeyne, Marketing Director for inMusic DJ Brands. “The Twelve enables DJ’s to lose tonearm skipping and finally reclaim the bass they deserve, back into their music, and the Seventy-Two offers literally limitless performance possibilities for boundary pushing Turntablists and Pro-DJ’s RANEvolutionary indeed!”

U.S. retail for the Rane Seventy-Two and Twelve is $1899 and $799 respectively.

SSP for the Rane Seventy-Two is 1899.99€ (£1649.99). SSP for the Rane Twelve is 799.99€ (£699.99).

The Serato version of events:

Serato and Rane are back

Serato is excited to usher in support for two innovative new products with the Rane Twelve motorized control turntable and Seventy-Two mixer, now supported in Serato DJ Pro 2.0.2.


The Rane Twelve introduces the world’s first 12-inch, motorized control turntable without the need for tonearms or needles. Instead, it adds a multi-function touchstrip for track-searching, needle-dropping and hot cue controls. 

“The Twelve brings the best of MIDI and analog systems together,” says Nick Maclaren, Chief Strategy Officer at Serato. “For the first time, DJs can get the layout, size, and feel of a traditional 12” turntable with the precision and flexibility of a digital system,” he adds. 

The Twelve is complete with real vinyl platters, real slipmats, 33⅓ and 45 RPM speeds, and an adjustable pitch slider. It also includes four-deck control so DJs can perform full sets using just one turntable. 

“Anyone who plays out on turntables knows all-too-well the perils involved.” continues Nick Maclaren. “Dodgy RCAs, jumpy needles, feedback – the list goes on. But with the Rane Twelve, there’s none of that stress. Just great feeling, full-sized, motorized platters bring you the same tactile experience that you get with analog turntables”.

The Twelve also includes customizable vinyl and slipmats, high/low torque options, and 3,600 ticks of platter resolution for super low-latency and seamless playback.

Learn more about the Rane Twelve here


In addition to the Twelve, Serato’s release brings official support for the Rane Seventy-Two. An advanced control and performance mixer for professional scratch and club DJs.

The Seventy-Two brings new advances in DJing hardware, including exclusive MAG THREE tension-adjustable cross and upfaders for customizable feel. As well as a revolutionary high-res touch screen displaying Serato’s moving waveforms and FX and library control.

“Once again, Rane comes through with the kind of heavy-duty build quality that professional DJs need,” says Maclaren. “In the same breath, the Seventy-Two packs a ton of advanced features to deliver complex and fun routines.” 

“In particular, the chain-integrated Serato FX unit means you can get super creative with your blends through multi-FX-stacking. While for the first time, dedicated Pad Modes per channel allow you to use simultaneous modes across performance pads, like Hot Cues and Sampler,” adds Maclaren. 

The Seventy-Two also adds 16 super-durable RGB pads, three-band EQs per channel with gain and filter controls, a dedicated Sampler volume knob and dual USBs for easy changeover and back-to-back mixing. 

Learn more about the Rane Seventy-Two here.

Download Serato DJ Pro 2.0.2 

Rane Seventy-Two – Key Features

  • 4.3-inch color touch screen to display Serato’s waveforms and control your library and FX
  • Adjustable MAG THREE cross and upfaders
  • Dual FLEX FX engines, one for each channel
  • Dual die-cast aluminum FX paddles
  • 16 RGB performance pads to control Serato DJ Pro pad modes
  • Dual USB ports
  • Assignable USB controller inputs for the Rane TWELVE
  • Full on-board Serato DJ Pro transport controls via the performance pads

Rane Twelve – Key Features

  • 12-inch motorized control turntable with real vinyl platter
  • Multi-function touch strip for needle dropping, track searching and Hot Cue controls
  • 5.0 kfcm high-torque motor with adjustable high/low option
  • 8/16/50% adjustable pitch slider
  • Each TWELVE has four separate layers of deck control
  • MIDI interface via USB that can be connected to the SEVENTY-TWO or your computer

Read the full list of bug fixes, changes and additions in the Serato DJ Pro 2.0.2 release notes.

Interesting observations

• Serato is taking the leading hand in promoting the new Rane gear. I suspect this is mainly because they know how to talk to traditional Rane customers and fans. Also for me, the Rane supplied PR doesn’t deliver a voice that differentiates itself from the other brands in the inMusic roster.

• It’s fair to say that Serato has a lot of skin in this game, and the sales performance of the new Rane hardware will impact heavily on their future. Not their present you understand — they will have been compensated significantly for the licences of the software and for the Serato logo to appear in the boxes.

• The lack of review units is interesting. Normally, tier one media (to use the industry term) gets units ahead of them appearing in the shops. This time however, they are notable by their absence. DJ City’s Mojaxx went to Serato UK for a play, but none of us have actually got units sat in our respective labs (well not that I know of — should we be worried?).

UPDATE: Review units will be with us in the next few days. I’ll be diving straight in and delivering the usual level of detail as quickly as possible.

• To be clear — shipping today means to your retailer. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to walk into any shop and walk away with the setup, unless you pre-ordered of course. But you can at least throw your plastic at the shop keeper and expect a reasonably swift delivery. That said, I’ve seen some dealer based unboxing videos appearing already.

Rane TWELVE and SEVENTY TWO shipping now 3


Thus the public floodgates are now open, and the lemmings with very deep pockets will be opening their bank accounts in the general direction of whoever has the new Rane gear the quickest, and doubtlessly soon after offering their first thoughts online. Up until now, this gear has been very much in the domain of friends of Rane and Serato. But given the reverence for the old independent Rane, there is a huge amount of expectation for the brand under the stewardship of inMusic. But in the public domain, neither Rane or Serato can control the narrative. They just have to sit and wait for the masses to deliver their feelings.

Interesting mathematical tangent — if you have a pair of Rane TWELVEs and a SEVENTY TWO, does that mean that you have a Rane NINETY SIX?


How many of you have ordered any of this Rane gear? Was it an involuntary purchase caused by a bad case of GAS? If you’ve got them in your hands, what are your first impressions? Or have you chosen to wait for reviews and online comments from early adopters first?