Rane Pane fake China

The Rane logo falls victim to China’s copyright problem

Rane Pane fake China

Welcome to Monday everyone. Perusing my social media channels, I came across something that (to use the modern interwebs vernacular) made me facepalm and LOL at the same time. We’re all aware of China’s loose grip on copyright laws, and when I say loose grip, I probably mean complete disregard. Not everyone does it you understand, but for some, making and selling pure counterfeit goods is big business — just ask Beats, Pioneer and Shure. But it’s when they do an amusing (to us but certainly not the manufacturer) take on a brand name that my attention is grabbed.

This particular example comes from the Guanghzu Prolight and Sound exhibition, which is essentially Musikmesse China. Apparently, “Pane” sell PA speakers, and must simply be tapping into the prestige of the original Rane brand. I seriously doubt that you’ll ever see Pane PAs outside of China though.

Can you do better?

So just for fun, and to take away the pain of a Monday morning, feel free to come up with your own copyright infringing take on established DJ brands. Extra points awarded for making the logo as well. Just keep them funny. 🙂

Big thanks to Alessio for the image. It made my morning. More photos to come I hope.