Pull The Plug: A short film about portablism

Starting the week is a short film. In conjunction with Raiden Fader, the good people over at portabist.com have made a video that goes some way to explaining why portablism has become popular.

portablist setup cost


It’s an interesting contrast to hear the comment about recommending a portable scratch setup as a good place to learn scratching. There was a time when the stock advice was to save up and buy the very best gear around — usually Technics and a Rane. So it makes me happy to see that turntablists now find it acceptable to lower the bar for entry, and let people learn the basics of scratching without selling body parts just to find out that turntablism isn’t for them after all.

And let’s not forget, portablism is just fun too.

Big thanks to Paul Skratch and portabist.com for the shout out at the end of the video too. :)