PRICE DROP: Traktor Kontrol S2. Something new coming?

PRICE DROP: Traktor Kontrol S2. Something new coming?

Native Instruments are up to their old tricks again. They’ve just announced a price drop on yet another of their products, this time the somewhat ageing but nonetheless capable Traktor Kontrol S2.

Native Instruments Launches Limited Time Offer on TRAKTOR KONTROL S2

Berlin, August 15, 2013 – Native Instruments today launched a limited-time special offer on TRAKTOR KONTROL S2, reducing the price of the compact all-in-one DJ controller system to $399 / 399 € / ¥ 39,800 throughout August 2013. This new price is valid at the NI Online Shop and at participating retailers, and represents a substantial saving on the previous price of $499 / 499 € / ¥ 52,800. The offer is valid from today until August 31 2013, or until stock lasts.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 is a versatile integrated DJ performance system that set a new standard in the 2-deck category. Offering DJs a more portable alternative to the professional 4-deck KONTROL S4 system, the KONTROL S2 provides a versatile ‘2+1’ setup with two full-featured playback decks as well as comprehensive mixing features and effects with the same acclaimed sound quality. Integrated with the included full-featured TRAKTOR PRO 2 software, the 2+1 concept adds an additional third channel for Remix Decks which opens up a wide range of additional creative performance techniques beyond the typical two-deck paradigm in its product category. All essential functions, including looping, cueing, effects control, and track browsing have dedicated hardware controls, allowing DJs to focus on performance and not the computer screen.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 is available at leading retailers worldwide and at the NI Online Shop for $399 / 399 € / ¥ 39,800 until August 31 2013, or while stocks last. TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 is also currently available at a reduced price of $599 / 599 € / ¥ 59,800 until August 31 2013, or while stocks last.

Additional information on TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 is available at:

Does it mean there’s a new one coming? Not necessarily, because while they have been known to do stock clearing price slashes to herald new versions, they’ve gouged the Kontrol S2 way back in February 2012. And almost right after unleashing the Kontrol Z2, they did a similar exercise right before the Z1 was announced. So slashing doesn’t always mean new versions are coming.

But something must be. Both the S4 and S2 are on offer, with a “while stocks last” tagged on the end. It’s coming up to BPM 2013 where they have traditionally (if such a word can be used yet) brought out something new. One thing is for sure — if you’re after a lump of NI branded controller, now is a great time to grab one.