Native Instruments Maschine Custom Kits price drop

Native Instruments knows how to make breathtakingly beautiful products. They have an understated aesthetic that emphasises a minimalist approach without compromising function. But if you want to vandalise put your own stamp on the Maschine you can now do it for less, because the custom kits have undergone an affordability optimisation aka price slash.

The words:

Native Instruments announces New MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS Pricing

The full range of MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS is now available for $29 / 29 €/ 2980 ¥ from the NI Online Shop and participating resellers

Berlin, May 31, 2013 – Native Instruments today announced new pricing on MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS – sets of colored faceplates and matching knobs for customizing the MASCHINE MK2 hardware. Now only $29 / 29 €/ 2980 ¥ at both the NI Online Shop and participating retailers*, the MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS are available in five vibrant colors: Solid Gold, Dragon Red, Pink Champagne, Steel Blue, and Smoked Graphite. MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS give producers and performers the opportunity to customize the appearance of their MASCHINE hardware, and express their own personal style.

Designed for use with the black or white editions of MASCHINE MK2 hardware, each kit contains a magnetic faceplate made of lightweight yet resilient aluminum and corresponding, ergonomically designed knobs. The kits are easily mounted to MASCHINE – each includes a specially-designed tool for removing the knobs.

Pricing and availability

MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS are available from the Online Shop and at resellers while stocks last. The new price is $29 / 29 €/ 2980 ¥

Yep — vandalise was right. My guess is that people appreciate the clean beauty of virgin Maschines and don’t want to turn them into neon nightmares. Well I certainly wouldn’t, not that I dare own a Maschine for fear of never doing anything else every again.