Pre-order NI's F1 - you know you want it

Pre-order NI’s F1 – you know you want it

Pre-order NI's F1 - you know you want it

Last week was a tough one for Native Instruments. All psyched up with their next release on the horizon, their world imploded thanks to a miscommunicated forum post and subsequent press coverage that whipped up the Traktor die hards into a frenzy of burned licences and a mass exodus to Serato. Well that’s what it felt like from behind my desk anyway.

But regardless of people’s feelings for NI’s decision to keep the Remix Decks closed for now, the fact remains that even those who were foaming at the mouth with hate will be rushing out to buy a Kontrol F1 when it comes out. Looking past the Remix decks for a second, it’s still a great looking controller that’ll tick a lot of boxes for users who have no clue what a Remix Deck is or does. Frankly, how many of us really know what a Remix Deck does anyway? Hands up who’s played with it? I’ve touched a Kontrol F1. Well when I say touched, it was more of an anxious stab around. Sean – feel free to step in and add some thoughts here as someone who has actually spent some time with one.

But the new Kontrol F1, complete with a full version of the equally new Traktor v2.5 is ready to pre-order. NI say this:

TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 is now available for pre-order at your local dealer or the NI Online Shop. The ultimate DJ Remix Controller, TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 gives you complete control over the innovative Remix Decks in the included full version of TRAKTOR PRO 2.5*. Pre-order now and stay ahead of the curve – you’ll be one of the world’s first DJs fusing live performance with DJing in a perfectly integrated TRAKTOR workflow. Available in stores on May 30th – the same day as TRAKTOR PRO 2.5’s release – the first shipment is sure to go fast, so reserve your F1 now!


* Traktor Pro 2.5 delivered via download upon hardware registration.

It has to be said however, that as much as I’m looking forward to the Kontrol F1, I’m really interested in seeing what the naysayers and non-believers will be doing when they get Traktor v2.5. Some are saying that the Remix Decks can be mapped, but we’ll only know that for sure when they’ve actually played with it.

Pre-order NI's F1 - you know you want it

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