Creating industry leading content takes resource. And that resource is funded by ad revenue.

So when you block our ads, it reduces our ability to create content. And if we can’t create content, then there is no DJWORX — it’s that simple.

We’re not a shop, a school, or a music pool. We don’t sell you anything to survive. All we do is write about DJ technology, and ask for nothing in return except your time and sharing our work. In this respect, we are unique.


We get why you block. Ads can destroy your user experience. So we’re eliminating as much of the downside of ads as possible. And we only track the number of impressions and clicks, but NOT who clicks them. And we only run ads from DJ and related industries from our own server.

We’re also using the same ad delivery system for some site features too. So you might actually miss something you’d like to look at.


We’d love for you to support us as we have supported you for almost a decade and a half. Please add DJWORX to your ad whitelist and share our work.