Pioneer HDJ-500 — now go with WeGO

Pioneer HDJ-500 — now go with WeGO

There are times when I’m asked to foretell the future – to prophesise the shape of things to come. But it didn’t really tax the brain to know for a fact that once Pioneer’s diminutive consumer level WeGo hit the streets, that matching consumer headphones were soon to follow. And as day turns to night, a third certainty in life has come along – Pioneer’s HDJ-500 headphones are now available in the full WeGO colour spectrum. Ewww.

Pioneer HDJ-500 — now go with WeGO

As ever, Pioneer take 2 pages to state what can be said in a couple of sentences.But here it is, because the manufacturer’s voice is essential:

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Style and substance now in five shades: Pioneer adds two new colours to the popular HDJ-500 headphones range

27th November 2012: DJs and music lovers have never had so much choice, as Pioneer launches its entry-level HDJ-500s in two fresh colours: vibrant green and brilliant violet. The eye-catching HDJ-500-G and HDJ-500-V models join the stylish red, black and white models to offer a fresh choice of five colour designs.

The HDJ-500 series delivers exceptional sound quality, with clear and powerful reproduction of the low to mid level frequencies demanded by dance music DJs. A custom-designed rotating arm structure and flexible headband enable one-ear monitoring, while the streamlined hanger helps DJs instantly know left from right in the booth. And the HDJ-500 range’s colour line-up perfectly matches the new, compact DDJ-WeGO controller, so DJs can coordinate their set-up and look as good as they sound.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the HDJ-500 series lets DJs move around the booth freely thanks to the removable coiled 1.2 metre cord, which extends to 3 metres – or they can switch to a 1 metre straight cord for listening to music on the move. The HDJ-500s are both lightweight and robust, designed for comfortable everyday use.

The HDJ-500-G and HDJ-500-V will be available from January, at a SRP of 79 GBP/89 EUR, including VAT.

The HDJ-500 series: style and substance.


Five stylish colours to suit every taste

The vibrant green and brilliant violet HDJ-500s join the original black, white and red models to give DJs and music lovers even more choice. Plus the colour line-up perfectly matches that of the new entry-level DDJ-WeGO controller for DJ software, for a striking set-up at an affordable price.

Clear reproduction of the low to mid range sounds used in dance music

The HDJ-500 series is precision-engineered for a powerful sound. Rich bass notes are achieved thanks to a newly developed 40 mm diameter driver unit, made with a rare-earth super magnet, and a narrow ear pad opening. A 19-μm (micrometre) diaphragm and a copper-clad aluminium wire (CCAW) voice coil faithfully reproduce low to mid level frequencies, such as kicks or snares, helping DJs to easily pick out the tempo of the music.

Designed to suit every DJ monitoring style

The HDJ-500 series supports various DJing styles, including one-ear monitoring. The right earpiece is mounted on a rotating arm structure, enabling DJs to slide it up to 60 degrees to the right of the housing, while the flexible headband maintains side pressure.

Interchangeable side-mount cords for freedom of movement while DJing

Even further choice and flexibility comes in the shape of two interchangeable side-mount cords: a 1.2 metre coiled cord – which extends to around 3 metres to give DJs room to move in the booth – and a 1 metre straight cord that is perfect for listening to music on the move.

Inherits the design DNA of the flagship HDJ-2000 series

The HDJ-500 series emulates Pioneer’s flagship HDJ-2000 headphones, with a simple yet stylish design, and a lightweight but robust build. The streamlined hanger makes it easy to identify left and right sides of the headphones, even in a dimly lit booth.


StyleFully enclosed dynamic stereo headphones
Impedance45 Ω
Output sound level105 dB
Frequency range5 Hz – 28,000 Hz
Maximum input2,000 mW
Drivers unitφ40 mm dome type
Cords1.2 m side-mount coil cord (extended approximately 3.0 m, removable)1 m straight cord
Plugφ3.5 mm stereo mini-plug (gold-plated, 2 way, screw-in)
Ear padsPolyurethane (leather type)
Weight195 g (without cord)
Includedφ6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (gold-plated, screw-in)

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While I find these colours pretty hideous myself, I’m sure others will absolutely love them. They don’t quite match the Apple iPod range, which would have been the obvious route to take, but perhaps there are other legal reasons for not going down this path.

I really don’t expect to see Green or Violet CDJs or DJMs appearing on the market. Now Orange would be a different matter… ;)

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