Pioneer HDJ-2000-K Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-2000 – now in gleaming Black

Pioneer HDJ-2000-K Headphones

While they probably won’t admit it, DJs are an image conscious bunch. Get the colour wrong and they just won’t buy it. But Pioneer didn’t get it wrong with their flagship HDJ-2000 headphones. They’ve sold by the crate load, and it looks like they may well sell a few more now with the addition of a new Black model – the HDJ-2000-K, and finally a hard case too.

Back in my 2010 review I said this:

In The Box: Nothing special here – the prerequisite screw adaptor and a soft bag. I’m thinking that at this price though, a hard case would have been welcome.

Pioneer HDJ-2000-K Headphones

Yay  – they listened. Sadly, it seems like an optional extra rather than an included one. But at least it’s available for existing owners too.

And that’s all there is to it. Available almost right away for $349/£269/€320 and $40/£22/€35.


Pioneer HDJ-2000 - now in gleaming Black

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