Technics Petition

All about Technics — a poll and a petition

Technics Petition

While the passing of the Technics brand from the retailer’s shelves has passed without too much kerfuffle, some haven’t really got over it. One such person is Moni Daniel, who via the medium of public interest petition site, has taken it upon himself to attempt to bring back Technics.

Things seem to be going well — the petition has achieved over 10K signatures, and has even reached the desks at Panasonic, owners of the Technics brand. They’ve responded via the Facebook page set up for this campaign, expressing thanks for the support of the brand. Well it’s a start, and at least the people who would make that decision are aware of the growing support.

I’m not going to linger on this for too long. We’re simply alerting you to the petition, and urge you to sign if you feel strongly. It’s important to remember that the decision to end Technics wasn’t taken lightly, but was done so because the numbers no longer worked. So to start up all over again with all the associated costs in a niche market with more competition than ever (Reloop, DJ Tech and possibly Pioneer) is going to be tough, especially as they couldn’t sell enough to stay alive without the additional competition.

Forgive my pragmatic tone — in reality, I’m a terribly nostalgic romantic soul and would love nothing more than to report that Technics are rolling off the production line again, even if it was for one last “this is it people” limited run to draw a line under the brand once and for all (because they never did do it properly). Here’s hoping that there’s a bunch of spares sitting in a warehouse somewhere, so that a few hundred people can say that they had the last Technics off the line. Good luck with the petition Moni — you seem to have the attention of Panasonic, which is what you wanted.

A quick unscientific poll

Because it’s Friday, and I know people like being asked questions, I’ve knocked together a poll, one that I think covers most bases. There’s also an option to add your own thoughts should the questions not quite adequately cover your feelings.

[polldaddy poll=7961082]

All about Technics — a poll and a petition

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