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Reloop RHP-30 DJ headphones

OUT NOW: Reloop RHP-30 DJ headphones

Reloop RHP-30 DJ headphones

In what appears to be a headphone frenzy, Reloop has now made the rather swanky RHP-30 DJ headphones available to the masses. First seen at Musikmesse 2013 (although apparently not by us), these sit at the top of Reloop’s headphone tree, which given the excellence of the previously reviewed and loved RHP-20, says a lot.

Looking like the bastard offspring of Beats and Pioneer, the RHP-30s are Reloop’s premium offering for DJs. They’re also doing the same sort of crossover that Beats and V-MODA do with the multitude of cables to suit consumer and pro needs. Here’s the word:

Reloop RHP-30

The ultimate professional headphone!

Didcot, Oxfordshire 19th April, 2013

Henley Designs are delighted to announce the unveiling of Reloop’s new flagship headphones. The RHP-30 offer an incredibly sturdy build alongside an outstandingly powerful sound, to make a headphone worthy of any professional DJ’s consideration.

With a sophisticated construction optimized for DJs who frequently find themselves in the demanding conditions of a rocking nightclub, the RHP-30 headphones represent the perfect meeting of practical construction and a sound performance that allows you to mix with confidence.


A combination of high-quality components brought together in an effortlessly simple and stylish way gives the RHP-30 their minimalist appearance. The ear cups have a rubber paint finish over the iconic Reloop sign, and use solid aluminium brackets to fix to the hard plastic headband.

Sound Performance

Reloop have paid special attention to the drivers used in the RHP-30 headphones. Their extensive technical and listening tests have resulted in a sound that is clear and powerful, with good attention paid toward the key frequencies involved in mixing music.

Yet the transparent resolution in the high-frequency range caters for dynamics and enables an accurate, transparent and encompassing sound reproduction over the whole audible spectrum. For that reason, the RHP-30 headphones can also hold their own when it comes to studio applications.

Flat Comfort

The RHP-30 headphones are extremely sturdy and designed for long listening sessions whether you’re in a club or outside in the wind and rain. However, the weight on your head when listening is almost non-existent thanks to the flat comfort construction and the use of memory foam padding on the ear cups and headband.


Three different cable types are included with the RHP-30 for versatile usage. The helix cable is intended for DJ sessions, while the plain cable with its Smartphone control unit is perfect for outdoor use on the road. Alternatively, Hi-Fi fans and those using the RHP-30 in a studio will love the flat cable.

The Reloop RHP-30 headphones were shown for the first time at Musikmesse 2013. They are expected to be available for sale from Summer 2013 in Black and Silver finishes.

SRP £174.99 (subject to change, before release in Summer 2013)


  • Professional DJ headphones with a closed retractable construction
  • Powerful sound and clear frequency separation, optimized for DJs
  • Comfortable memory-foam ear cup padding with fine protein-leather surface
  • Accented with rubber-paint finish
  • Ultra durable head band crafted with high-quality hard rubber
  • Extremely high output rating
  • Transparent resolution in the high-frequency range
  • Flat comfort construction
  • Smartphone control
  • Three different cable types (helix cable, plain cable, flat cable)

Technical Details


  • Frequency range: 10Hz – 24kHz
  • Max. input power: 1000 mW
  • Impedance: 40Ω, ±15% (@ 1kHz, 1mW)
  • Acoustic pressure: 102dB, ±3dB (@ 1mW)
  • Driver unit: 40mm
  • Speaker power: 1mW
  • Connections: 3.5mm jack / 6.3mm adaptor (gold-plated)
  • Weight: 355g


  • Smartphone Cable: 1.2 m (incl. Smartphone control unit)
  • Flat Cable: 1.2m
  • Helix Cable: 3.0m


  • Directivity: omni-directional
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz – 16kHz
  • Impedance: 8.2kΩ
  • Sensitivity: -62dB ±3 dB (@ 1kHz)
  • S/N ratio: -58 dB

I really liked the RHP-20s when I reviewed them, and didn’t expect for Reloop to bring out anything higher up the food chain. So these have come as some surprise to me. Here’s hoping that they measure up to the price tag reserved or brands with more history.