Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX 3

Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX

Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX 4

On an otherwise subdued Sunday, we’re having a micro-celebration in this house, as DJWORX has hit the landmark of being 1 year old. No party (some home made cakes though), as we’ve been living this for a full decade now, a celebration that will happen in due course. But hold my hand as I take you back through the last 12 months in DJWORXville.

It’s a bouncing baby DJ website

…with the longest gestation period ever. 6 years in the making, DJWORX finally hit the webwaves a year ago. Leaner, meaner and with a considerably better user experience, we set about bringing you the latest and greatest from the DJ technology world. Here are a few landmark events, as well as a few team favourites:

Musikmesse 2012 – Vestax VCI-380

Vestax VCI-380 Musikmesse 2012

How my hopes were dashed as I made a beeline for the Vestax stand at Musikmesse 2012. Sadly I was confronted with the usual perspex forcefield of disappointment , but all was not lost, as one made its way to us soon enough. And oh how we fell in love with it.

Mapping Traktor’s Remix Decks – the facts

Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX 5

Oooh the drama. NI said you’re not mapping Remix Decks, and the controllerist community collectively and somewhat pre-emptively chucked all their MIDI Fighters out of their prams and declared open war upon NI for breaking one of their founding open mapping based principles. DJ Techtools rallied the troops and cracked the Remix Decks in double quick time. Everyone else couldn’t care less and bought an F1. Updating this story, Remix Decks remain closed and still nobody really cares. Next.

This is how you do a DJ gear video review: Decksaver for Kontrol F1

I’d watched one dull droning DJ video too many. This was the uncharacteristic knee-jerk response, and is still one of my favourite videos. I should knee-jerk more often it seems.

INDUSTRY: inMusic born, buys AIR and M-Audio

Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX 6

Quite boring to many, but this is serious stuff. Consolidating the vast range of brands under one umbrella, Numakailesis as we liked to call them got a new name that made sense and didn’t sound anything like Behringer’s Music Group.

Philips’ iPod DJ thing – a literary take

Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX 7

While worthy of your attention, I couldn’t really find the correct serious tone to take with this Philips unit. So I went literary on yo ass. Writing this was the most fun I’d had in a very long time.

SYNC – the DJ’s big red button

dj sync button

With the release of the Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus came a sync button, and a shitstorm of anti-sync feeling. Again. I got tired of such nonsense and offered my viewpoint. And should Serato add it to Scratch Live, I suspect I’ll be doing it all over again too.

ITCH is scratched – say hello to SERATO DJ

serato DJ controller software ITCH replacement DJ Intro upgrade

ITCH gets shipped off to the growing software graveyard in the sky, and is replaced by the upgrade path for Serato DJ Intro. It was obvious to me from day one of Intro that this was coming and that ITCH’s days were numbered, and it couldn’t come quick enough for me. Not that I didn’t like ITCH, but that I was tired of the Serato userbase moaning quite so much. You do know that you’ve turned into bunch of sourpusses right?

NEW: Pioneer DDJ-SX Serato DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ-SX Serato DJ Controller

And with Serato DJ came the controller to end all controllers. Well until the Numark NS7 II was announced anyway. The Pioneer DDJ-SX is a landmark release, and signals the next wave of all in ones. And probably the last wave as IMHO they cannot get any larger than this. Modular is coming people.

NI’s Traktor Kontrol Z2 Mixer — Info, pics, video and prices

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 Mixer (4)

After a period of now customary teasing, Native Instruments announced the Traktor kontrol Z2, clearing signalling their intentions to own the whole DJ scene. Product aside, this intention is what I find most interesting. They didn’t explicitly say it, but it’s quite obvious where NI are heading.

BPM 2012 – controllers at tipping point

Pioneer ddj-sx BPM show 2012

BPM 2012 clearly demonstrated that the controller market was at saturation point. The floor positively squelched underfoot with the tsunami of all to similar devices, as well as the near flight deck appearance of bigger controllers too. Choice seems to have become a bad thing right now, so I summed up my feelings after seeing one too many controllers.

2 years on: The post-Technics age

© All rights reserved by  CenterfortheArtsEagleRock

Some predicted a barren wasteland where people would stop dancing — effectively the day the music died. But 2 years later, the demise of Technics still sees people going to clubs, music still being made and people still DJing.

The Reviews

This is where skratchworx built its name and DJWORX will continue to lead the way. We’re not always first, but we’re always the most complete, correct and importantly opinion filled reviews. I always beat myself up about my perceived lack of reviews, but counting up, we’ve managed to deliver nearly 50 reviews in the last 12 months. A rate of one per week is not to be sniffed at. Indeed, I feel we can do more, and as a team we’re currently looking at the way we write, what we write about and how we deliver it to you. Rest assured, DJWORX will be the only place you should come to for DJ gear reviews. Just like it always was.

A Year in The Worx

Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX 8

Having laid the foundations of DJWORX a decade earlier, the one constant and now constricting factor has been the workspace. I’ve been very lucky to have a man cave/home office from which to build the empire, but it was quite clear that things had to change if we were to become the company that we wanted to be. Thus premises were sought, and a very nice studio was found locally and duly snapped up.

Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX 9

It’s s testament to the quality of the space that the universal reaction from 5 year old nephews to industry types to team members to 70 year old parents has been a stopping dead in their tracks and uttering a simple “wow”. And this space is being fitted out, decorated and generally put to good use (including a space for the DJWORX™ framed certificate). It gives us a professional space to work from, and to allow us to do some of the bigger ideas we have in mind too.

In Closing

Our first birthday — a year in the life of DJWORX 10

This has been perhaps the most interesting 12 months in the journey of skratchworx and DJWORX. There have been distractions along the way already — takeover bids and job offers took up much of my time mid-2013, but all have been declined so that we can continue to walk our own path through the DJ industry and bring you the most respected DJ gear focussed news, reviews and opinion in the industry.

We’ve got a really good thing building here. Let’s come back in a year and see where we are then. Thanks to the team for their patience, and to you all for reading for the last year, or 10 as it were.

And the buns were amazing.