That old piece of DJ gear that you can’t live without

DJWORX RCA mini jack cable DJ Gear (3)

As you can imagine, my setup is probably more fluid than most. Gear comes, and gear goes. But it seems that one particular item has been with me for the longest time. It is my goto, my lifesaver, and the one piece of gear that always seems to be called upon in almost every emergency situation when someone comes into the Worxlab to perform. And I always talk to visitors to see if they have a similar experience to me. Most haven’t, so I’m sharing my weird attachment to see if anyone in the DJWORX community can relate.

I’m sure you’d like for this to be something exotic, but it’s rather more mundane than that. I bought this back in the early 80s, and it’s been with me ever since. It’s survived the advances and waves of music and DJ technology, and will most likely outlast my own usefulness in this constantly evolving world. It is the oldest piece of gear in my whole collection.

DJWORX RCA mini jack cable DJ Gear (2)

And it’s a boring old mini jack to RCA cable. Nothing special at all — mass produced, and available for pennies these days. But this particular cable has been with me for more than 30 years i.e. longer that some of you have been alive. Call me a sentimental old fop, but I actually care for this cable. It’s sorted me out at gigs, studio recording, video shoots, trade shows, and general hooking up of transient lumps of review gear too. It’s important to me. And it never gets loaned out to anyone. Ever. Don’t even ask.

DJWORX RCA mini jack cable DJ Gear (1)


Do you have anything in your stash that has been around forever? Is it a large and key element of your setup or just ridiculously useful from time to time? Is there something that you just keep on using despite mockery from your peers? Is it a battered mess that’s held together with stickers and love? Or have you been through so much shit together that you simply can’t bear to part with it? Pictures would be especially useful, if only so that we can marvel at the sorry state of it, and also salute you for your utter loyalty to your stupid gear.

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