new macbook

If like me you just watched the latest Apple presentation, you probably let a little bit of wee go when you saw the new MacBook. It is pant-wettingly awesome in its form, simplicity, and sheer aesthetic beauty. But there is a problem for audio pros, and it’s the single USB C port.

Clearly USB C is going to be a thing, a big thing in fact if Apple is jumping on it this early. And while this single port is probably perfect for the target audience of business professionals whose most demanding task is watching a video during lunch, it has instituted a real issue for DJs — expandability. Apple has already posted the new Macbook in their store, and with it a couple of multiport adaptors — one for VGA with USB, and another for HDMI with USB. But this is still a single USB port meaning that you’ll have to plug in a powered hub… oh wait, that’s a non-starter because audio interfaces don’t play nice with hubs. Nor is there any sign of Thunderbolt.

The new MacBook is about as aspirational as a laptop gets, it is not for you. And while social media seems to be gathering a few posts about Apple forgetting DJs and audio pros, it turns out that they already have a range of MacBooks made for Pros. And they just got nicely upgraded too.

So yes I know you want this incredible new MacBook, and you want the colour options, and the super lightweight, but it really is the entry level machine in Apple’s range. The MacBook Air is more powerful and has more ports, and in reality the MacBook Pro is where you should be looking. But the trickle-down effect is what you should be hoping for, where the super slim profile and fanless operation may well hit MacBook Pros before you know it.