Nightclubs + a nightclub = Ortofon Cocoon carts


Well this doesn’t happen every day does it? Just when you think that the old ways are dead, out comes a new and very desirable cart. It’s fair to say that Ortofon have a pretty clear run at the cart market now, so they’ve decided to combine one of the world’s most famous carts — the Nightclub — with one of the world’s most famous nightclubs — Cocoon to bring you a strictly limited edition double pack. Hello Ortofon Cocoon carts — don’t you look lovely?

Yes it’s a paint job of course, but that doesn’t stop it from most probably emptying many wallets in the general direction of Ortofon. Some words from Ortofon’s UK distributors Henley Designs:

Ortofon Cocoon Cartridge
Limited Edition version of the popular Night Club MKII

Didcot, Oxfordshire – 16th May, 2013

Henley Designs are excited to announce the launch of a new limited edition cartridge from Ortofon, the world leaders in pick-up cartridge technology. The Ortofon-Cocoon Cartridge is a strictly limited edition version of the popular Night Club MK II model.

The Ortofon Cocoon cartridge combines one of the world’s favourite cartridges for night club environments with one of the world’s most famous club brands, Cocoon. The strictly limited edition run of 500 pieces is available in a Twin Pack only, with two of the newly designed Concorde cartridges supplied in an exclusive suede case which adorns both the Ortofon and Cocoon logos. Inside the case, with the cartridges, is a specially designed certificate with printed signatures from Sven Väth and Ortofon CEO Christen Nielsen.

Sven Väth has said of the new cartridge:

“With the Cocoon Ortofon Nightclub, Techno sounds like it supposed to sound!”

The Ortofon Night Club MK II is a multi-award winning cartridge designed to offer the best sound and performance in professional night club environments. The MK II version of this popular series benefits from an increased output voltage for a powerful, energetic sound. The high-quality stylus profile also ensures maximum detail is picked up from the record groove – giving a sweet and enjoyable sound that could easily be at home in a serious hi-fi system.

The Ortofon Cocoon Cartridge Twin Pack is available from late May 2013. Soon after there will also be a replacement stylus available in limited quantity.

SRP £260.00

Key Features

  • Night Club MK II cartridge with special design in conjunction with Cocoon
  • Direct SME mounting for easy set-up
  • Special Elliptical stylus, which can stand up to heavy back-cueing
  • High output for clear sound from a mixer/pre-amplifier
  • Premium sound quality
  • Package includes stylus protection guards and a stylus brush

Key Technical Details

Output Voltage (at 1kHz, 5cm/sec.): 8mV
Frequency Range (at -3dB): 20 – 22,000Hz
Tracking Ability (at 315Hz): 80μm
Stylus Type: Special Elliptical
Recommended Tracking Force: 3.0g (30mN)
Cartridge Weight: 18.5g
Replacement Styli: Ortofon Cocoon
Ortofon Night Club MK II

Ortofon-Cocoon Box

It’s nice to see that the tried and tested ways of DJing are still alive and kicking. Indeed, we’ve detected a raised level of interest in the halcyon times before digital. It’s clear that the never-ending avalanche of controllers is running out of steam, and people are realising that you just don’t need copious amount of bells and whistles to rock a crowd. Indeed one of the biggest hits at NAMM was DJ Tech’s impossibly simple DIF-1S scratch mixer, and Musikmesse saw 2 traditional mixers (Pioneer’s DJM-750 and Reloop’s RMX-80) as the stars of the show. If we carry on like this, I’ll be getting press releases about new turntables. We can but hope.

Ortofon-Cocoon Cartridge

Anyway, these new Cocoon carts are available this month for the princely sum of £260. And you’d probably be wise t grab matching needles when they come out as well.

Nightclubs + a nightclub = Ortofon Cocoon carts

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