DJWORX BPM 2014 (2)

New DJWORX goodies for BPM 2014

New DJWORX goodies for BPM 2014 3

It’s just one week before the BPM show opens it’s doors (and by doors I really mean security steps aside and unclips the flimsy fabric barriers), and you lot can pour over splendid new shiny, take in some industry leading learning sessions, and stock up on leaflets you don’t want and freebies that you do. And we’re going to help fill your bags with unwanted crap too.

As you’re probably aware, instead of being locked away in a secret lair with a key with laser beams (not joking), we’ll be out on the floor manning the BPM Product Demo Stage. We’ll all be there too — Dan, Ray, Jared, Hatty, Darren and myself will be around to chat, hang out and all that stuff that real people do. Forgive us — we may be slightly distracted as we do have the job of reporting and filming three days of demos. But we’re doing our level best not to take meetings — we’re there for the gear and to meet our readers.

Some of you won’t go away empty handed either. We’ve had a small number of very nice things made. First up are the lanyards — resplendent in glorious orange and quite unmissable. I’m handing them out to people I know, and those who continue to wear them through the show will get additional brownie points, and definitely won’t get their new products utterly destroyed in reviews. 😉

New DJWORX goodies for BPM 2014 4

Secondly, and probably of more interest to the masses are the DVS record labels. Crowdsourced via our Facebook page, this simple design has evolved to be very Serato sticker sync friendly. It’s just a removable record label (or general purpose sticker to be honest) with a handy marker to make cueing and juggling easier. These are strictly for people who attend BPM. Making these is a very personal thing for me, and I want to put them into the hands of people and shake that hand too. There are just 500 of them — some will be given out personally to DJs who I know will use them, and the rest to anyone who asks.

New DJWORX goodies for BPM 2014 5

There’s also a strong chance that if you’re a true fan of DJWORX and turn up at the show, I may have individually wrapped DJWORX biscuits.


If you’re not at BPM, then you’re missing out on an amazing three days of DJ related stuff. New gear, seminars, learning zones, and top notch performances on stands and in the Chauvet arena. It’s also th eonly way to get any of the DJWORX goodies too. It’s just £15 for a three day pass, with options for an enhanced VIP experience too. Grab your tickets right here.