It would not be out of turn to call Native Instruments dirty little gear teases. Preceding each new product release comes some sort of teaser, and yesterday NI previewed one of their growing number of CGI creations to hint at… well something beat based.

Sometimes, we hacks are fully in on the secret, and know full well what is behind the videos. In this case however, I know nothing whatsoever, so I’m free to chip in with whatever knowledge I have. A few bullet points:

  • RGB buttons, indicating hardware.
  • Waveforms on those buttons.
  • Released the very same day as Live 9 was available.

At first glance, it all sounds a bit Maschine like to me. And with Maschine hitting v1.8, this could possibly be a new Maschine v2 workflow or addition that acts more like a DAW to combat the incoming mutli-coloured Bitwig attack.

There have been a few comments on the Youtube clip about the supercharged comment and linking it to NI’s Battery. This also makes a lot of sense, as the headline on the Battery product page is “charge your drums”.

supercharge your beats Battery 4

Given that Maschine has only just updated its hardware, I don’t see another update for a while. But given that Live based hardware tends to be button heavy, but otherwise relatively simple, it isn’t beyond the realms of impossibility for a Launchpad/Push/APC style controller to come from NI, especially if they really do want to make their own Livelike product, because the chances of official interoperability between NI products and Live is slim. NI would most likely make their own first. Unless of course a strategic alliance was formed to fend off Bitwig. It’s not as if the Serato/Ableton partnership really gathered any steam, but working with a partner in Berlin makes sense.

Or maybe Battery will be beefed up to be the NI’s Live competitor. And with their proved experience in hardware, a Battery controller could be the (k)complete picture. Hell, I’d even go as far to theorise that NI got wind of Ableton’s Push and have decided to go for it. Or maybe Battery is getting killed and Maschine is becoming the one true beat thing.

To be honest, I’m just wildly spitballing possibilities, even if they are a bit out there and left field. What are your thoughts? We all love to speculate right? Let’s hear it.