NAMM 2019 Gemini spy shot (1)

NAMM SPY SHOTS: Gemini’s new standalone thingy

NAMM 2019 starts tomorrow, which makes today the day that holy hell breaks loose and manufacturers unwrap their selected shiny ready for the gathered masses to poke, paw, and post up on Instagram to get the “first” badge of honour. And despite being 5295.71 miles away (door to door), we’ve still got a network of spies casually sauntering the floor, taking a turn around this stand and that stand, looking for stuff that we have yet to see. And it seems that Gemini has one such thing freshly unwrapped on their stand.

What can we glean? Well I’m going to let you let you tear this apart in detail, because that’s more fun for you and means I can go to bed in readiness for tomorrow’s door opening inbox deluge. But before someone tears apart the quality, this currently unnamed unit looks decidedly prototype, and not likely to be representative of the final quality. With any luck it works, and one of our small floor squad can get the full lowdown.



NAMM SPY SHOTS: Gemini's new standalone thingy

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