It’s that time of year where the heavy hitters of the DJ industry break out the elbow grease, burn the midnight oil, and generally make sure that their next wave of new shiny is positively gleaming in time for NAMM 2019. And after Technics teased and announced their updated SL-1210 MK7, it’s now the turn of Denon DJ to get gear heads twitching and throwing cash at the screen.

NAMM 2019: Denon DJ is such a pic tease 1

NAMM 2019: Denon DJ is such a pic tease 2

Thus here we have a couple images (that I’ve enhanced a little) released via Denon DJ’s socials today. And it doesn’t take an hour of Photoshop to work out that this is a controller. And it’s very reminiscent of another in the market place, something that leads me to a few natural assumptions.

Firstly, that looks like a big central screen, and it’s probably the same one that appears in the SC5000 Prime. Also, let’s assume that given the huge ENGINE logo on the front that it’s running Engine in standalone mode. And given the layout of the pads, it’ll most likely run with Serato DJ Pro.

It also looks to have a central display in the jog wheel, but time will tell if that’s the same as the one found in the SC5000 Prime.

When I’d opened the first image, it was clear that the mixer section had been deliberately masked out, as if to hide something. Could this be four channels? But looking at the second image however, it does however look like two channels.  Fingers crossed that Denon DJ has finally implanted the grunted needed to run four full standalone channels.

Summing up, it’s basically Denon DJ’s version of the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2, right down to the big centre screen, feet, and asymmetrical layout:

NAMM 2019: Denon DJ is such a pic tease 3

But more. This will almost certainly work standalone and with Serato DJ Pro too. The screen is most likely the touch one found the SC5000 Prime. And I’m still not ruling out four channels, but don’t quote me on that.


Then watch out Pioneer DJ. Not only did Denon DJ stake a claim for a slice of the booth, but now they’re coming after another slice of Pioneer DJ’s business — or should I say expanding on their own established market. Mobile DJs have always been the biggest Denon DJ fans, and must have felt a little left out when the Prime range hit.

It’s fair to say that this is a unit designed to pay the bills. It’s incredibly hard to make definitive decisions about it based on a super blurry image, but it doesn’t appear to push boundaries in the same way that the SC5000 Prime did. It does however take an established and immensely popular paradigm and inject some new Denon DJ DNA into it.

Primes or not? MC or MCX? Or something else? I have no idea. If it is a big touch screen, then this is more Prime than not. And given that Denon DJ is firmly establishing itself as a top of the food chain player, my gut says Prime. Not that it really matters of course — it just needs to deliver what DJs want at the right price. Fingers and toes crossed for an update to Engine Prime too.

I get the impression that the assorted inMusic brands have a lot to say at NAMM 2019. You should expect more news in the run up to opening doors on 24th January.


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