Mixars UNO mixer with Kallisto fader (3)

NAMM 2017: Mixars UNO with the Kallisto crossfader

NAMM 2017: Mixars UNO with the Kallisto crossfader

We’ve seen the Mixars DUO mixer. And given Mixars’ boss Alessio Foti’s track record with DJ Tech, you’d reasonably expect him to try to bring a similar but better product to his new company. And that’s just what he’d done with the new UNO mixer.

The briefest of brief pieces of PR, chokka with the details you need:

Bologna, Italy, January 2 , 2016:

MIXARS is pleased to announce the UNO

The Mixars UNO is a solid two-channel professional-grade DJ mixer with some great basic features.

The Mixars UNO has great build quality with a full-metal chassis, Hi/low pass filter on each channel, sturdy faders, and the exclusive Galileo Kallisto as Crossfader.

Kallisto is a “razor sharp” contactless dual-rail crossfader that will ensure smooth operation and control during long-term usage.


  • 2 channel Mixer with 7 inputs
  • Booth Output with independent Volume
  • XLR Master Output
  • Channel Reverse and Curve adjustment
  • 2 Auxiliary Input
  • Combo Jack Mic input with dedicated EQ and dedicated volume control
  • Crossfader with reverse switch and curve adjustment
  • curve adjustment and reverse on all faders
  • Hi/low pass filter on each channel
  • full digital processing for clear sound quality
  • Monitoring mode Cue-Master
  • RCA AUX Input and Mini-jack Aux Input on the Top Panel
  • Dual headphones outputs (1/4″ and mini-jack)
  • Phono/line input on each channel
  • AUX-IN with dedicated volume control
  • Level meter for each channel

Price and availability TBA in NAMM 2017

So what is the Mixars UNO?

I think that largely depends on your point of view. On one hand it’s a step up from a DJ Tech mixer, or is a cut down Mixars DUO with the frippery removed. For me, it’s a focussed two channel scratch mixer, with the necessary amount of features to please all scratch DJs, bar the MIDI and audio interface, which should hack a huge lump off the price tag.

The unknown is the new Kallisto crossfader. We’ve seen many mixers like the UNO, so it’s hard to get this element wrong. But the Kallisto is untested right now, but at one point so was the Innofader. So let’s judge it once it’s been in the market for a while, and in the hands of brutal scratch DJs.

No word on price, but I’d guess more than a DIF-1S, but much less than a DUO.


NAMM 2017: Mixars UNO with the Kallisto crossfader

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