While the market appears to be awash with larger four channel controllers from a wealth of brands, it’s nice to see a controller come along that doesn’t pander to the perceived need for more than two channels, but is still fully featured. And relative new kid on the block Mixars is building on the success of their DUO mixers withe their new buddies at Serato, and they’ve got together to see what the guys in Italy can do controller-wise. And this is it — the PRIMO two channel controller for Serato DJ.

It’s more than it looks at first glance, so it’s worth having a complete read of this PR:

Mixars is proud to announce The PRIMO controller for a forthcoming release of SERATO DJ.

The Mixars Primo is the ultimate plug-and-play 2 Channel controller and Mixer for SERATO DJ with exclusive standalone effect section on each channel.

Completely designed at our Headquarters in Italy, PRIMO is the ultimate 2 channel controller for SERATO DJ.

The 6-inch aluminum platter is touch-capacitive with 1 rotational LED and 1 internal Display and offer a low latency scratch experience.

The PRIMO’s new, exclusive and dedicated Effect control on each channel features Filter, Noise, Crush, Gate, delivering to DJs the most amazing sound in SERATO DJ both in standalone mode and when using PRIMO as a mixer.

The PRIMO is the first 2 channel controller in the market with with an Auxiliary input on the front panel making this unit the most complete Dj Controller ever.

The PRIMO’s comprehensive, complete mixer also allows DJ’s to access line & phono inputs as well as an Auxiliary input in the front Panel with dedicated volume control, switchable in to a Combo Input Microphone with independent Tone control and Mic Echo.

The Primo has 16 RGB backlit pads on board for triggering Cue points, Roll, Slicer or Serato Sampler and has a Key Sync button to instantly Sync matching musical keys.

The Mixars PRIMO includes SERATO DJ full version. IN addition, the PRIMO is Serato DVS Upgrade Ready.

Advanced users can custom map most controls to many other third-party audio software or remap controls in SERATO DJ

The PRIMO is simply the perfect 2-channel controller,” said Tobias Noetzel, Brand coordinator of Mixars


  • 2ch Controller for SERATO® DJ
  • Performance Pads with Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer, Sampler
  • Sturdy build quality with Brushed aluminum face plate
  • Built-in sound card for simple USB connectivity.
  • 100mm Pitch Control
  • USB powered
  • Pro Combo Mic input with independent Volume, Tone control and Echo
  • Large aluminum Jog wheels with On-Jog Display and LED Ring
  • 16 RGB Performance Pads
  • 3 VU-level meter
  • Cross fader curve adjustment & reverse
  • Auxiliary RCA Input with dedicated volume
  • Touch Needle search strip
  • Multiple inputs and outputs
  • High quality audio Soundcard
  • Two headphone outs
  • Plug and Play with SERATO DJ

U.S. retail pricing for the Primo is $599.00

Availability is Spring 2017 for a forthcoming release of Serato DJ.

What is the Mixars PRIMO?

I’ll tell you what it reminds me of — the good old days of Vestax. It’s like the VCI is reborn, but sadly without the looks. I’ll get this out of the way first — I’m not enjoying the aesthetics. I could write a very TLDR report about how to improve it, but please PLEASE ditch those transport buttons, or make them black instead of brushed sliver.

But we should focus on what it does more than how it looks. What we have here is a fully featured two channel Serato DJ controller, that’s also a mixer, with dedicated hardware effects, and is Serato DVS upgrade ready. Nutshell version — it’s that controller/mixer that sits between your decks, and does a huge amount of stuff. It’s also interesting to note that the PRIMO adopts the seemingly more popular asymmetric layout favoured by Pioneer DJ.

A note on the crossfader — It’s just a standard off the shelf unit in there, but can be upgraded to the forthcoming Kallisto and Galileo Pro faders, as well as the mini Innofader too. We can only hope and pray for post fader effects.

This is a last minute addition to Mixars’ NAMM product unveils. So while you’ll see it, I’m going to guess that it’s a look-but-don’t-touch scenario. I suspect that Musikmesse will see the final version on show. But for a US retail price of $599 (which I assume will be a bit cheaper because of the inexplicable MAP/MSRP nonsense that happens in the US), I’m very happy with the PRIMO indeed.



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