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NAMM 2017: mini Innofader Plus x 3

NAMM 2017: mini Innofader Plus x 3 5

This is traditionally the time when Elliot Marx from Audio Innovate descends upon the NAMM show, armed with a handful of new goodies for his loyal Innofader fans. And given the impending release of some competition courtesy of the Mixars Galileo range of faders, it’s clear that Elliot hasn’t exactly been sitting on his hands. So at NAMM 2017, Elliot will unveil three new mini Innofaders — the Plus, Plus-S, and DJM.

Here’s the grand (proper Yorkshire word there) words from Elliot himself:


January 19, 2017, Anaheim California: Audio Innovate offers 3 new retail mini Innofader upgrades. The mini Innofader Plus keeps the same low profile of the mini Innofader PNP P with many improvements. It also comes in a solder pin version for controllers. The Pioneer DJM-300, DJM-500, and DJM-600 which were previously a challenge to fit are now fully supported by the mini Innofader DJM.

All of these new faders have the latest technology which was first introduced in the Innofader Pro2. The greatest technological leap here is improvements in accuracy and speed. First generation Innofaders have all had roughly 0.5mm overlap between the cut-in and cut-out points, plus about +/- 0.15mm cut point accuracy. Current technology minimizes the overlap to roughly 0.1mm with +/- 0.05mm cut point accuracy. In addition, the latency has been reduced from 2-5msec to 1msec or less using this technology. This provides DJs a truly customizable precision cut point which can go from a few mm all the way down to a laser sharp 0.1mm.

We did a few other simple things to make the minis much better. Now the mini Innofader Plus can be used with an Innojuster… so on the fly you can adjust the cut point to super high precision! Also the low profile cable is now a low profile connector for greater durability. And now the fine tune adjustment process requires far less steps. Programming your Innofader has never been easier!

With all new models we keep our eyes out for new products which require us to make special adaptations. The new mini Innofader Plus is now designed to work with the Numark PT-01 right out of the box. No mods are needed…everything you need is in the box. We will also have a mini Innofader Plus DJM-S9 version readily available through retailers. For full bodied Innofaders, the Innofader PNP has a special version designed to work with the Allen&Heath Xone:23 and 43 mixers. The list of Innofader compatible DJ Products keeps growing and growing…

For DJ products manufactured with Innofaders already built in, Audio Innovate has upped the ante by producing a 1008 point resolution mini Innofader Pro using the same technology. These DJ products come with an on-board Innojuster which allows you to adjust cut-in points from several mm down to 0.1mm on the fly. Now DJs can enjoy pro quality scratching available in affordable DJ products.

“We will never stop making improvements to help out our customers. At every step of the way, we help figure out ways to make the installation easier, simplify the adjustments, and get the best performance possible based on the latest available sensor technologies. We look forward to doing even more improvements this coming year and expanding into quality products beyond the Innofader.” – Elliot Marx, Owner

So if you’re unclear — the mini Innofader Plus is a box full of adaptors, cables, and plates that offers maximum plug and play compatibility. The Plus-S is a simpler fader package that lacks much of the gubbins that comes with the regular Plus and may require some soldering. And the DJM is for a limited range of older Pioneer mixers. Clear now?

As is the way of such things, technology found in the higher end models has filtered down to the mini. Greater resolution, latency, and accuracy is one, as is the ability to use the external Innojuster with the new mini Innofaders. Plug and play with the Numark PT01 would have been very handy a few months back for sure.

I’m sure existing mini Innofader owners will be feeling a little innoenvy after reading this. I’m sure that if your current fader works just fine for you, then there’s little need to upgrade. But for new owners, the world of mini Innofadering is about to get a lot better.

So to prices. I only have US pricing right now:

Plus = $99.99 MAP
Plus-S = $89.99 MAP
DJM = $99.99 MAP

Availability is pegged for early spring, so probably towards the end of Q1 in the US at least.

Like everything else I’m posting right now, you’ll be able to see it at NAMM. There’s an Innofader stand, which will doubtlessly be a hub for the turntablist massive that attends NAMM.