Gemini SDJ-4000 standalone controller

NAMM 2017: Gemini SDJ-4000 standalone controller

NAMM 2017: Gemini SDJ-4000 standalone controller

As the saying goes… what a difference a day makes. So imagine what a year can do to a product. But it not just time, it’s the people working on it too. So when Gemini took on sometime DJWORX writer and all round industry good guy Craig “nemonic” Reeves, he was tasked with taking the SDJ-2000 seen at last year’s NAMM and told to make it better. It seems he made it 2000 times better as it’s now called the SDJ-4000.

Unlike the 2000, we now have words for the SDJ-4000:

Gemini takes aim at the competition with new SDJ-4000 Media Player

Anaheim, CA – January 19, 2017 – Gemini, a leading manufacturer of DJ and Pro Audio equipment, announced today the SDJ-4000 Professional Dual Deck USB Media Player – a 2 player, 4 channel embedded USB DJ solution. Their most ambitious project yet, the SDJ-4000 draws upon Gemini’s over 10 years of experience in building media players for DJs.

This sophisticated one-stop DJ solution eliminates any need to bring your computer to a performance. The SDJ-4000 is capable of song analysis, beat synchronized effects, and even database creation and search without any prior software analysis. Of course, if your collection is large and you’d like to pre-analyze your tracks, our VCase software can do that for you.

Music and song data is presented on a beautiful high resolution 7” color screen. With several views available, you’re sure to find a layout that’s perfect for the way you work. The moving waveform display also shows other important song information – like locations of loops and cues – making mixing a pleasure.

The built-in effects processing is capable of not only being applied to the internal media players, but external sources as well. And with BPM synchronization, you can incorporate external devices into your performance and give them the same FX you use on your media players. The SDJ-4000 is also capable of Ethernet connection of up to 2 additional media players, allowing you to use Link Mode to share USB libraries and even sync external players.

Expected Retail Price – $999 USD
Available Q3 2017

Product Features include:

  • Totally embedded solution – no computer required
  • Connect up to 2 USB drives, or use Ethernet Link to connect to one of our other media players
  • Two microphone inputs with independent mixing and EQ control
  • High resolution 6” platters with touch sensing for accurate DJ performance
  • 100mm high resolution pitch faders for precise track BPM adjustment
  • 45mm Mini-Innofader crossfader with adjustable curve
  • 16 Silicon rubber performance pads with RGB LED lighting
  • Channel effects for fast, hands-on sound manipulation
  • Multiple master effects with selectable routing
  • 4 channel mixer section to allow connection of multiple analog sources

To learn more about Gemini products, visit

The SDJ-4000 — what’s new?

So 12 months on, this has undergone an obvious cosmetic change. Instead of trying to look like Pioneer or Serato controllers, Gemini seems to be setting itself apart and comes with a more industrial feel. In particular, I’m a fan of the gunmetal Grey finish. I also prefer the sleeker lines, and making the whole back section into one continuous run.

Cosmetics aside, it’s the standalone nature that’ll be of interest to a lot of people. It runs with Gemini’s own VCase software, and like other solutions of its ilk, you have a desktop app that does the grunt work to create a library, but you can also just plug and play with USB media. One particularly smart feature is the ability to plug in external Gemini players, and have them all sync up, as well as being able to apply the hardware effects to these players too. Oh yeah… it’s a four channel mixer too.

While many of you will dismiss this simply because of the logo, I’m fully aware of the time and attention to detail that is being lavished on this by Craig. He’s also incredibly mindful of making sure that this is as bug free as can be, hence the somewhat distant Q3 delivery date. Bottom line — I trust Craig to deliver a great product, so I’m really looking forward to this landing.

This amongst other things will be at NAMM 2017. If you’re going, I’d love to hear your thoughts as I’m sure would Gemini.

NAMM 2017: Gemini SDJ-4000 standalone controller

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