NAMM 2016 Pioneer DJ prototype touring (10)

NAMM 2016: The Pioneer DJ Touring Mothership

NAMM 2016 Pioneer DJ prototype touring (10)

As is customary these days, Pioneer DJ shot its proverbial PR load before NAMM 2016. That however didn’t stop us from wondering around their new style of stand for a look just in case there was anything else a la DJ Expo’s first showing of rekordbox DJ. And just in a case (geddit?) was this jaw dropping collection of heavyweight Pioneer DJ gear.

NAMM 2016 Pioneer DJ prototype touring (14)

In a true WTF moment, we were stopped in our tracks buy this collection of CDJs and a DJM in rugged cases. Essentially these are designed to be on the road, a lot, and to take the maximum amount of abuse possible. Imagine these being mercilessly tossed in and out of flight cases by roadies, and being totally disrespected by cake tossing VIP DJs who will doubtlessly dance all over them. Yes, that’s why these exist.

The software is intriguing too. I haven’t seen rekordbox looking like this before, so perhaps this is an advanced look at the shape of things to come. They could be fully standalone, and ditching the regular trappings of computer use such as ethernet port for the links. Also note the KUVO logo on the mixer — I’m guessing that this will remove the need for a separate box.

Personally, I think they’re a wall for DJs to hide behind. They’ll pop a premixed CD in one end, and then act out as if they’re doing something. Seriously though… it’s hard to see over these, so the crowd will also struggle to see the DJ at all.

We have no other word on these at all. No price or ETA, but these are clearly in an advanced stage of prototype — they look ready to go. At this point though they could just be a fully developed trial balloon, to gauge reaction and then to make a decision. And with the warmer weather heading to Europe before you know it, Pioneer DJ will be keen to get these into the festival circuit pretty quickly indeed.


NAMM 2016: The Pioneer DJ Touring Mothership

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