NAMM 2016: Smithson Martin KS32


There’s a whole category of DJ gear that is so specifically niche that you only ever really see it once in a while. Stuff like the AlphaSphere, gesture control, and yes, to a certain extent, QFOs and Controller Ones have a huge draw to a small number of very enthusiastic people, but to most others, they’ll always be oddities. The same could be said for the Emulator touch control software and associated hardware.

Smithson Martin, the guys behind the Emulator touch control units now have an updated hardware to make you feel even more like you’re in a sci fi movie. The new Kontrol Surface 32 sports a 10 point touch 32 inch HD screen along with the latest version of the software, all in a single unit.

Here’s the full press release for you:

The Smithson Martin Kontrol Surface 32 is a 10-point touch enabled 32 inch screen unit that used the Emulator 2.0 touch software to control your favourite DJ software.

Smithson Martin Kontrol Surface 32 delivers next generation touch technology for audio and visual controls

Miami, Florida, USA—January 24, 2016, Smithson Martin (www.SmithsonMartin.com), the creator of the world’s first touch control DJ systems, is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Kontrol Surface 32.This new system compliments a robust portfolio of touch-enabled products that includes the world renowned Emulator.

The KS32 has been designed to provide a large touch enabled surface so you can more accurately emulate and modify your favorite hardware through the customizable touch surface templates. The KS32 has been designed to perfectly compliment your PC software and will soon include support for Mac OS X with Emulator 2.0.This solution will be one of the first to come out as a fully Mac compatible touch surface for any of your preferred software programs.

Additionally, you will be able to select from an expansive list of standard templates that resemble your preferred controllers using the new10 point capacitive touch solution. With a touch area of 32 inches, and the standard template designs, you’re now able to perfectly execute your creativity without limitations of space or being restricted to a specific OS.

The unit’s capacitive touch area has less than a 5 millisecond response time making it one of the fastest available in its market. The ultra bright screen provides exceptional viewing experiences no matter what environment you so choose to perform in.

“The KS32 provides a comfortable space to give you all the control you need.” says Karl Detken Chief Marketing Officer from Smithson Martin. “Choose from the many soon to be released templates for your preferred software, load into Emulator 2.0 and enjoy your creative works of art without fear of having any points of failure.”


  • Screen size – 32 inch
  • Resolution – FULL HD 1920×1080 native
  • View angle – 170/170
  • Power supply – 110v to 240v automatic
  • Touch points – 10
  • Touch technology – PCAP.
  • Operating Systems – Windows 7, 8, 8,1 10 and OSX compatible
  • The KS32 will be available in Q2 2016 with an MAP of $2,499

About Smithson Martin

Smithson Martin LLC is a global leader in music technology. Their patented Emulator technology has been used by artists including FloRida, Morgan Page, Thomas Dolby, Gabry Ponte (Eifel 65), Marc Romboy, Infected Mushroom, Linkin Park and many others.

My thoughts

Look at it this way… You can buy three of these and have some change instead of buying a pair of the new Technics 1200s. I mean, comparatively, that’s a bargain, right? Really, though, I struggle to see how these control surfaces can ever engage in the mainstream DJ scene. I can totally see them used by Daft Punk in a Tron movie, or perhaps as part of some big name producer’s live show, but the practicalities of touch interfaces, along with the fact they’re really just emulating equipment that’s already out there (and does a better job than a touch screen) makes them unattractive for day-to-day use.

As Ray discussed in our group chat about this, it’d be great to see Smithson Martin explore some new ways to use the touch paradigm to interact with DJ software and music in general. I refuse to believe that everything that can be said about touchscreen DJing has already been said. I’m under no allusions that the KS32 is meant to be priced competitively with DJ hardware: it’s a niche product that’s as much a functional prop (or Hero prop) as it is club DJ gear. A quick look at the list of artists that have used Smithson Martin gear shows that. Still, I have no doubt that using it would make you feel like you’re DJing in the future, which would be pretty cool for a bit.

I do think that for that sort of price, they could fit in a 1440p (or maybe even 4K) screen, though.

Your thoughts

Have you tried any of the Emulator screens? Was it fun to mix?

You can get the Smithson Martin KS32 in Q2 2016 for around $2,500.


NAMM 2016: Smithson Martin KS32

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