NAMM 2016: Pulselocker hooks up with Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox


Pioneer DJ have nabbed yet more NAMM headlines again with this bit of news: after Serato announcing they’re hooking up with Pulselocker late last year, those sly minxes have gone and done the same with rekordbox! This won’t happen until later in the year, but at $/£20, that’s not too bad if you positively need that many tracks.

Here’s the brief press release:

Pioneer DJ and Pulselocker are partnering to let DJs stream tracks from their Pulselocker accounts directly into rekordbox dj performance software. The move gives users of the rekordbox dj Plus Pack freedom to perform with the streaming service’s 44 million tracks, from 500,000 record labels, simply by connecting the performance software to their Pulselocker account.

“Since we launched the rekordbox dj Plus Pack in October, DJs have told us they’d like it to include support for streaming services like Pulselocker,” says Yoshiaki Ide, Pioneer DJ’s chief executive officer. “We’re excited to partner with Pulselocker and give DJs a new way to access the music they love.”

“We are very pleased to be announcing this partnership between Pulselocker and Pioneer DJ. Having Pulselocker’s vast catalogue of music integrated directly into rekordbox is an exciting proposition for Pioneer DJs everywhere,” says Ben Harris, Pulselocker’s chief executive officer.

Pulselocker is currently available in the UK, USA & Canada. rekordbox dj support will be available from spring 2016. Find out more about rekordbox and Pulselocker.

My thoughts

I’m not sure how Serato will feel about this after the fanfare at ADE 2015 about their hookup with the service. It feels like Serato can’t catch a break against the hulking monster that is Pioneer DJ. That said, it’s an interesting (and swift) standardisation of platform for DJ streaming libraries. Usually, there’s a jostle by a bunch of services before a few become accepted, like Spotify and Google Music did.

Speaking of Spotify: I feel like it’s inevitable that they’ll start offering a ‘Pro DJ’ account tier around the same price level as Pulselocker. It’s something Mark and I mentioned in the past while we were sat in the studio together. Really, even with the extremely poor exchange rate maths, a monthly twenty quid for access to a huge library of music is a bargain. I always tell people to imagine going back in time to their 1990s self and telling them that in the future they can pay £20 a month to access all the music they can dream of it would be dismissed as crazy talk. It’s mind-blowing, really, just how spoilt we are.

For myself, I’m genuinely not that bothered (yet) about using a streaming service. Not because I don’t trust them (especially if they have offline use), but more because I only buy a dozen or so tracks a month. I prefer to pick and choose what goes into my collection so that I can get to know the tracks and know their quality. I’m old school like that, I guess? But apparently, you all are desperate for this, according to Pioneer DJ’s CEO…

Your thoughts

Does rekordbox’s support of Puselocker mean we’re headed to a new digital music revolution with DJs accessing the huge libraries of streaming services? Have your say in the comments!

You can already subscribe to Pulselocker now, with the ‘professional’ version costing $19.99/£19.99/month (hows’ that for crappy exchange rate?). You’l have to wait until spring 2016 for the rekordbox (and probably Serato DJ) integration, though.

NAMM 2016: Pulselocker hooks up with Pioneer DJ's rekordbox

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