NAMM 2016 Pioneer DJ rekordbox DVS scratch (3)

NAMM 2016: Pioneer DJ rekordbox DVS — VIDEOS

NAMM 2016 Pioneer DJ rekordbox DVS scratch (3)

After sauntering up to the Pioneer DJ stand and getting sidetracked by the monstrous Touring setup, Jared casually asked our good buddy Pulse about rekordbox DVS. “Oh it’s over there” he said, and in double quick time, so were we.

[youtube id=”rdgACfSDH7s”]

We weren’t quite quick enough though, and (I think) The Monster Kids beat us to it. But what we witnessed was a sterling display of scratching from children who really should have been standing on a box. It’s very funky indeed.

[youtube id=”Y36xArc-ThM”]

Now imagine my disdain at having to follow that. I’m going to make excuses for my lack of skills like I was completely jet lagged, getting 4-5 hours sleep at the most per night, and not having scratched in well over a month. But their display was more impressive than mine for sure.

[youtube id=”Nhb4pAREVB0″]

Finally our very own Pete Mapanao jumped on to bust some fast electro scratching to try it out for himself.

Apologies for the sound on these videos. They were shot quickly in a typical trade show environment. I’ve cleaned them up as best I can.


In our short play, it’s clear that rekordbox DVS is a contender. I didn’t play with features, but merely tested the performance in the short time I had. But I detected no lag, drift, and drags did not break up at all. That’s a great start. And it looks like the new DJM-900NXS2 will be DVS ready too, and I suspect that the DJM-S9 will be too. Well it’s insanity if it isn’t. It’s at this point that we’ll see if Serato users will jump ship. If recent scratch videos are anything to go by, Pioneer DJ is handing them out to scratch VIPs like sweets, meaning brand awareness will be high.

The only information we could glean was that this is likely to appear in February, and is their own timecode entirely. Had I been on top form, I’d have listened to the control vinyl to see if it sounded familiar. Time will tell if you can use anyone else’s. I should have listened to the raw timecode to see if I recognised it.

NAMM 2016 Pioneer DJ rekordbox DVS scratch (1)

NAMM 2016 Pioneer DJ rekordbox DVS scratch (2)

Donning my detective hat, decompiling rekordbox appears (and in no way confirmed) to show keyboard and timecode support for Serato DJ and Traktor (but only v1), so it looks like you might not have to buy all new control vinyl after all, unless rekordbox control vinyl brings something else to the table. Again, this is conjecture and not confirmed.

So rekordbox DVS is imminent, and when it lands we’ll see if it makes a small dent or leaves a massive crater in the market.

NAMM 2016: Pioneer DJ rekordbox DVS — VIDEOS

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