NAMM 2015 — starts next week

NAMM 2015 — starts next week

NAMM 2015 — starts next week

In the DJ industry, January means NAMM 2015, the event that very rapidly blows away the cobwebs of the holiday season, and once finished makes you wish for another long break. The Anaheim Convention Centre becomes a breeding ground for what is not-so-affectionately known as NAMMthrax, and attendees generally leave feeling fat and sluggish from abused expenses, and in fear of catching whatever biological weapon has been created in the trade show environment. And for some crazy reason, I’m shipping the team in DJWORX hazmat suits to cover the whole event.

Unfortunately I won’t be going. Instead I’m putting that crazy pot of cash into fitting out the Worxlab to be an amazing video space. This also means I’ll be staying in said Worxlab posting all the industry-leading coverage that the best writers in the DJ scene will be feeding back the latest and greatest shiny. Jared and Ray aka arkaei will be on hand, ably supported by NAMM veteran Pete Mapanao, and occasional Musikmesse cohort Sean Pappalardo.

DJWORX stickers

And should UPS not mess up like they did today, a small stash of DJWORX goodies will be on their way to NAMM. A limited array of vinyl, lanyards, and t-shirts will be available to a select few, but a copious quantity of snazzy DJWORX vinyl stickers will be available to a great many more people.

NAMM 2015 — starts next week

What’s Coming?

This week, today in particular, we’ve spent time pouring over the assorted offerings that the industry will be pushing towards your wallets in the near future. Some we called ahead of time, some that we would never have guessed, and there’s some that left us grinning ear to ear and know that you’re probably going to have a similar response too. Some will polarise opinion as well, but one thing is clear — there’s quite a bit to see at NAMM, and there’s still a few companies that are keeping their cards close to their chests.

Obviously, those that have included us in their circle of trust and sent us detailed info ahead of launch will get the most comprehensive and detailed day one coverage around. The rest… well we’ll just have to cobble it together from the show, but it’ll still be the best in the industry, because nothing less will do for our readers.

Obviously, we’re saying nothing before we’re supposed to. But I suppose it would be OK if you were to wildly flail around trying to pin the tail on the NAMM prediction donkey just for shits and giggles. Maybe we’ll even revisit these comments and see if anyone was right, and perhaps offer some insight for those who were less accurate.

Either way, we’ve got NAMM DJ news completely covered before, during, and after the show.

NAMM 2015 — starts next week

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