Serato DJ Club Kit DVS

NAMM 2015: Serato DJ to make mixers DVS ready

Serato DJ Club Kit

This is interesting. Serato has announced Serato Club Kit, a $169 bundle of Serato DJ and Serato DVS. It’s the regular software but squished into a single purchase. So there’s nothing different about the apps, but with this announcement comes the news (the big news) that some existing mixers will automagically become DVS enabled.

The listed mixers are :

  • Pioneer DJM-850
  • Pioneer DJM-900NXS
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB2
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB4

At the same time, the Xone:K1 controller will be endowed with official Serato Accessory status and subsequent support.

This is obviously cool, but I’m more intrigued about how they’re making pre-Serato DJ mixers into Serato DJ mixers. There has always been immense disappointment that the Xone:DB4 wasn’t Traktor certified, with different reasons as to why it wasn’t. But once again, Serato has stepped in and done what NI wouldn’t.

I always thought that there was some Serato magic chip in hardware that talked to the application thus unlocking the software. But I’m guessing that’s incorrect, and that relevant hardware sends out some sort of exclusive messages that are accepted by Serato DJ and unlocks the features.

I would guess that Pioneer and Allen & Heath are endowing Serato with good amounts of cash to make this happen, and it does make me wonder if other mixers could be in line for this treatment. They need to have an audio interface inside, but it’s an interesting move from Serato nonetheless. Perhaps Denon DJ could lob wads of cash in Serato’s general direction as well.


Serato DJ Club Kit
Pioneer Mixers
Allen & Heath Mixers

NAMM 2015: Serato DJ to make mixers DVS ready

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