Pioneer DJ MRM-7 Studio headphones NAMM 2015 (7)

NAMM 2015: Pioneer DJ HRM-7 studio headphones

Pioneer DJ MRM-7 Studio headphones NAMM 2015 (7)

Seemingly adopting a “global domination, one product at a time” approach, Pioneer DJ has announced the HRM-7 studio headphones, indicating that they have designs on the pro audio world outside of the DJ booth.

There’s a video:

…and a press release:

Studio Sound: Introducing the HRM-7 professional studio monitor headphones 

– clean sound reproduction and ultimate comfort for producers

21st January 2015: Pioneer DJ is launching a new line of professional studio products with the release of the HRM-7 monitor headphones – designed to deliver accurate, neutral sound to dance music producers. The HMR-7s feature a newly developed 40 mm HD driver unit for a neutral, high-res sound up to 40 kHz, while dual airflow chambers and a damping structure in the housings enhance the bass response. The fully enclosed ear pads deliver optimum sound isolation and are roomy enough inside to enable a wide sound stage and clear audio separation. Plus the freely adjustable headband and memory foam cushions with velour covers make the HRM-7s comfortable and easy to wear over long studio sessions.

The HRM-7 studio monitor headphones are available from late March 2015, at an SRP of EUR 199, including VAT.

Find out more at or watch the HRM-7 introduction video.


  1. New HD driver unit faithfully reproduces frequencies of up to 40 kHz
    The HRM-7s produce crystal clear high-res sound reaching 40 kHz thanks to a newly developed 40 mm driver unit with copper-clad aluminium wire.
  2. Housing designed to separate sound and eliminate background noise
    The headphone housings feature a large space around the ear for a wider sound stage and acoustic separation, while the fully enclosed design improves sound insulation and reduces ambient noise.
  3. Better air flow and robust structure deliver a clean, accurate bass
    Dual air chambers in the housings improve airflow to deliver an improved bass response, while a three-layer damping structure eliminates unwanted resonance for cleaner low to mid frequencies.
  4. Memory foam ear pads with velour covers for comfort and a true sound
    The large ear pads are made with a hybrid memory foam to provide a snug, comfortable fit whilst ensuring enough airflow around the ears for accurate monitoring. A soft velour cover has been chosen for these studio headphones due to the material’s superior sound characteristics.
  5. Freely adjustable headband and flexible ear pads enable prolonged wear
    The freely adjustable headband and flexible, ergonomic design of the ear pads mean producers can find the best size and angle to suit them, ensuring comfort over long sessions in the studio.
  6. Comes with accessories for producers’ convenience
    The HRM-7 headphones come with:

    • Detachable 1.2 m (coiled) and 3 m (straight) cables
    • Replacement velour ear pads
    • Gold plated 6.3 mm stereo jack


Type Fully enclosed dynamic stereo headphones
Frequency range 5 40,000 Hz
Impedance 45 Ω
Output sound pressure level 97 dB
Maximum input 2,000 mW (JEITA)
Unit aperture φ 40 mm dynamic type
Connection cord 1.2 m side-mount curled cable (3.0 m when extended)3.0 m side-mount straight cord 
Plug φ 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (gold plated, 2-way, screw)
Weight 330 g (without cord)
Accessories included φ 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (gold plated, screw-type) Replacement velour ear pads

Headphones for everyone

Pioneer DJ’s headphone pedigree is established. They’ve got a huge range of pro DJ and lifestyle models, but none that a producer might pick up and actually make music with. So it makes perfect sense that they would make a play for producer’s hearts too. It does rather make the concept of a one headphone fits all headphone incredibly difficult though.

The overall package of the HRM-7s is much like the DJ range, with two types of cables and replacement pads. It’s interesting that for the price, there is no bag. But I suspect that as producer-oriented headphones, the expectation is that they’ll never leave the studio.

But it’s the construction and sound that are key here. They’re styled like a studio headphone, but with a 40mm driver making them on-ear cans, and have a ridiculous frequency response from 5 – 40,ooo Hz — real golden ears and cats territory. The real test will be sitting down for a long period of time to truly listen to them, and see if they can stay on your head those looonnng studio sessions.

Pioneer DJ and Pioneer Producer?

Pioneer DJ set its stall out some time ago. If a DJ uses it, then they want to be able to sell it to them. This started with the sound system install venture, but with DJs and producers doing together in a melting pot of music playing and making, it’s only logical that Pioneer DJ would eye up this market too. It is however a crowded market, with many established brands having a huge fanboy base.

So the studio and producers might be a tough nut to crack, but they have the brand and the connections. I don’t think it’s too much of a reach to imagine Push and Launchpad type pad controllers coming from Pioneer — their DDJ range is already pretty heavily endowed with buttons as it is. But I digress.

It’s clear that Pioneer DJ is being aggressive in the market, and capitalising on their position in DJing to make advances into other areas. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point, they became a one-stop shop for everything that makes or plays music.



NAMM 2015: Pioneer DJ HRM-7 studio headphones

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