Mixtrack III

NAMM 2015 — Numark Mixtrack 3 with Virtual DJ LE

Mixtrack III

Following the lead of the Mixtrack Pro 3, the Numark Mixtrack 3 features exactly the same layout, but without an audio interface included. This means that rather having Serato DJ Intro as the included software, you get Virtual DJ 8 LE, so you can use your computer’s onboard sound, or an audio interface such as the Numark DJIO 2 or the NI Audio 2 DJ.

The Mixtrack 3 sports a slightly lighter colour than it’s sibling, and has all the same tweaks and improvements, like the more handy hot cue buttons positioning and a master volume rotary rather than the slider. It even has the same touch strip at the top of the controller. And you get all that for a cost of £149.99.

You can read the whole press release on the Mixtrack Pro 3 news story.

No sound?

We have to ask, how many of you would go for this over the Mixtrack Pro 3 just to save £20? Can you see a place for a controller with no built-in audio in 2015?

Dan’s impressions

For me personally, I struggle to understand the existence of these controllers. They seem like a holdover from the early days of digital DJing, when the concept of audio interfaces was still fairly new to the scene. These days, even the smallest controllers, even those that plug into an iOS device has audio built in. You could literally stay in on a Friday night instead of hitting the pub and have more than enough saved to cover the extra cost of the Mixtrack Pro 3.

The Numark Mixtrack 3 will retail at around £150 when it’s out.

NAMM 2015 — Numark Mixtrack 3 with Virtual DJ LE

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