IK Multimedia iRig UA Mic Field NAMM 2015 (2)

IK Multimedia has always dabbled right on the fringes of DJ products. They’ve released stuff in the past, and it has been met with mixed feelings from the community at large (and let’s be honest, we never really like anything ever). But I had a quick meeting with them and saw some things that I think is extremely exciting.

IK Multimedia iRig UA Mic Field NAMM 2015 (1)

iRig Mic Field

First we saw the iRig MIC Field. This is a Lightning connector microphone, similar to the iRig MIC Cast. It only works, obviously, with iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. We gave it a quick run on Drew’s iPhone and you can just hear the massive difference between the onboard iPhone mic and IK’s product. There’s a multicolor LED to show you when you’re clipping (Red is ALWAYS bad), headphone output and gain control. When you rotate the microphone it changes the orientation it’s listening for from just audio recording to video so the stereo recording always lines up. While I’m waiting for an Android version, it’s still really exciting. It’s going to be retailing for $99.

iRig UA

And speaking of Android, I’d like to introduce you to the iRig UA. It is the first, as far as I can find, Android based Audio Interface, available on Android 4.0 and up. You can run a headphone output, as well as a line input, and record into their software, or any other. The hope, obviously, is this gets expanded to a new line that includes more outputs for DJ use off of Android apps (like, y’know, Mixvibes) and more moving forward, at least once android supports it. There was talk of iRig Mix being opened up eventually as well.  It will be retailing for $99 as well.


And finally we have the iLoud, a bluetooth connected, battery-powered speaker. It boasts a 10 hour battery life, and can work with your iDevices, Android, Mac and PC.  It can accept Guitar/Microphone input as well, so you can get your time out of it. It might be totally worth those moments when you are at a small party, or just want to put music in your apartment and don’t want to carry anything crazy with you. This will be retailing for $199.

So, as per usual, IK has some interesting products, and we’ll see what they will be putting forth in the next few months.



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