Pioneer D XDJ-RX rekordbox controller NAMM 2015 (5)

NAMM isn’t Pioneer’s traditional hot release event, but seeing as they’re standing alone with new masters wanting their investment to be paying off, they’ve pulled out a big gun to fire shots across the industry. The all new XDJ-RX shouldn’t come as any surprise — you’ve all been asking for a true standalone rekordbox unit, and here it is. No laptop needed.

This will keep us busy for a while so here goes with the video:

… and the usually highly detailed PR:

Total Unison: Pioneer DJ launches the XDJ-RX the all-in-one rekordbox™ solution
with large, dual-deck screen 

20th January 2015: Be liberated from the laptop as Pioneer DJ launches the XDJ-RX: the perfect marriage of the CDJ platter, a high-performance mixer and a central, full-colour screen featuring dual waveform display. The XDJ-RX inherits much of its DNA from Pioneer DJ’s top-flight NXS line-up, adds pad control with the all-new Loop Slice, USB recording, and loads rekordbox™ tracks directly from USB key – making it an all-in-one dream for digital DJs.

The XDJ-RX is Pioneer DJ’s first product to feature a single LCD screen that displays information from both players simultaneously, including dual waveform display, playback position, BPM and beat grids. DJs can quickly browse and select tracks using the large dial and Load buttons. The two CDJ-style platters have a familiar club-standard layout and give DJs instant access to pro-DJ performance features including Beat Sync, Slip Mode and Quantized cues and loops. Pads add a physical element, with instant access to Hot Cues and Auto Beat Loops – or DJs can choose and slice loops on-the-fly with the new Loop Slice function.

The unit’s mixer boasts four high-quality Sound Colour FX and eight Beat FX, including the DJM-900NXS’s hugely popular Spiral. With two MIC inputs, a LAN port and an array of quality IN/OUT connections, the XDJ-RX can be used as a stand-alone two-channel mixer. Plus two USB ports means DJs can use both for playback whilst recording their performances to one of the USB devices at the same time.

The all-in-one rekordbox solution, the XDJ-RX will be available from late February 2015 at an SRP of £1199, including VAT. Find out more at or watch our XDJ-RX walkthrough video

Download information

Download the latest version of rekordbox (Windows/Mac) at:

Or download the rekordbox app at the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Plus, if using the rekordbox app for Android, you can update the XDJ-RX firmware at (from April 2015).


  1. NEW Large full-colour screen for at-a-glance information from both players

The 7-inch, full-colour LCD screen displays information about both players simultaneously for intuitive alignment of beat grids and a visual reference to what features are in play. The screen has two modes:

Play: shows track playback position, dual waveform display with Wave Zoom, BPM and Beat Countdown, FX information, Quantize status and more.

Browse: lets DJs quickly browse and select tracks, with easy access to artwork views and Hot Cue info for each track. Plus the traffic light system shows which rekordbox tracks are in key with the track on the master deck.

  1. Integrated unit with familiar layout and pro-DJ features

The XDJ-RX integrates two USB-driven players and a two-channel mixer, with build quality and performance features inherited from the club-standard Pioneer DJ Nexus set-up.

  • Quantize: uses the track’s beat grid to ensure loops and cues are set and triggered in time with music.
  • Beat Sync: looks at the rekordbox beat grids, on up to four connected players, and snaps them to the beat of the master deck.
  • Slip Mode: silently continues track playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and brings the music back at the right point when the DJ exits the performance.
  1. NEW Loop Slice added to features triggered by the tactile pads

In addition to the familiar CDJ layout, the XDJ’s platters each feature four tactile pads to add a more physical element to sets. DJs hit the pads to instantly trigger Hot Cues they’ve prepared in rekordbox, or to set Auto Beat Loops.

A new feature for the XDJ-RX is Loop Slice. DJs hit the pads to set a loop length (1, 2, 4 or 8 beat loop), then hit the pads again to slice it up and remix it on-the-fly. Single or continuous playback modes give DJs more control and the option to choose a Loop Slice style to suit any dance music genre.

  1. Two USB ports enable DJs to record even while both ports are in use

The XDJ-RX has two USB ports, with Deck 1 enabling playback while Deck 2 allows playback and recording at the same time. So two DJs can perform together and record their set, without sacrificing an input.

  1. Performance mixer boasts high-quality Sound Colour FX and Beat FX

The XDJ-RX’s four studio quality Sound Colour FX are inherited directly from the DJM-900NXS and feature a Lo/Hi Pass control for both channels: Noise, Gate/Comp, Crush and Filter. It also features eight of the most popular Beat FX and an improved wet/dry dial for even better control: Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Flanger, Pitch, Roll and Trans.

  1. Driven by rekordbox USB or rekordbox app so no need for a laptop or CDs

The all-in-one XDJ-RX is designed to breathe life into tracks prepared in rekordbox or on the rekordbox app on an iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone. DJs simply plug in their rekordbox USB or connect their iOS/Android device[i] (wired connection only) to load tracks directly to the XDJ-RX. Preparing tracks in rekordbox gives DJs access to a multitude of performance features including:

  • Loops and Cues: pre-set loops and tagged cues in rekordbox can be triggered instantly.
  • Beat Countdown: counts DJs down to cues from up to 64 bars away.
  • Key Analysis Indicator: a traffic light system in the browser shows which tracks are in a compatible musical key with the master deck.
  • Active Loop: an automatic loop at the end of tracks ensures DJs are never caught unprepared again.
  1. Can be used as a stand-alone mixer thanks to multiple connections

The XDJ-RX can be connected to additional CDJs or turntables using the switchable Line/Phone input and used as a stand-alone mixer. It also features a LAN port, two MIC inputs, two Master outs and a booth out – making it a versatile solution for any set-up.

  1. Other features
  • Midi control
  • Auto standby
  • Will support control via the rekordbox app of features including Needle Search and XY Pad FX from June 2015 (wired connection only)


Playable mediaiPhone/iPod touchAndroid phone (from April 2015)
USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD, etc.)
Computers (Mac/Windows PC)
Playable fileMP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF(iOS version of rekordbox: MP3 and AAC only)
USB storage support file systemsFAT, FAT32
Number of channels2 channels
Sampling rate48 kHz
A/D, D/A converter24 bit
Frequency response20 Hz~20 kHz
S/N ratio101 dB or above (USB)
Total harmonic distortion0.003% or less (USB)
USB portsUSB A port x 2, USB B port x 1
Audio input portsPhono/Line x 2 (RCA)MIC x 2 (1 x XLR/¼-inch jack, 1 x ¼-inch jack)
Audio output portsMaster out x 2 (XLR x 1, RCA x 1)Booth out x 1 (Jack)
Headphone monitor out x 2 (Front ¼-inch jack, MiniPin)
Other portsLAN (100Base-TX) x 1
Audio output voltage12.3 Vrms (XLR), 7.8 Vrms (RCA)
Head room19 dB
Electricity consumption34 W
Max external dimension(W x D x H)728.2 x 411.9 x 104.2 mm
Weight8.0 kg
rekordbox system requirements
Supported OSMac OS X (v10.10,10.9,10.8,10.7 or 10.6)Windows® 8 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 8 Pro / Windows® 8.1 Pro / Windows® 7 Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate
Visit for latest supported OS information

[i] Please see Main Specifications for compatible iOS and Android devices

Pioneer D XDJ-RX rekordbox controller NAMM 2015 (1) Pioneer D XDJ-RX rekordbox controller NAMM 2015 (2)

Is this the all-in-one you were looking for?

Just last week, we were in the Worxlab talking about the perceived need for fully standalone all-in-ones, and that we should write an article asking people about it. And then the XDJ-RX comes along, potentially filling the need with a rekordbox shaped lump of shiny.

So what’s in the XDJ-RX to get excited about? Duh – it’s the big screen. Now a running joke inside DJWORX, the industry seems to be cramming screens into everything. The XDJ-RX’s screen however is free from the Serato and Traktor induced Sysex shackles (can only display a portion of the actual running software) and is free to operate entirely at the whim of whatever Pioneer want to achieve. And in this case, they’ve got quite a bit of real estate to play with. The XDJ-RX offers two views — play and browse. The play screen essentially crams two detailed deck screens underneath stacked waveforms, giving you a lot of what you need to see under your fingertips. It’s not touch screen though — that particular luxury item is reserved for CDJs.

The rest is pretty standard fodder for Pioneer and a big mash-up of their greatest hits. They have added multi-function pads though, that handle cues and loops, as well as the new loop slicer function, which by the sound of it is much like slicer on other software based devices.

Now I could detail each and every bit, but that’s what your eyes are for and the very reason why we publish the entire PR. So time for some observations.

Pioneer D XDJ-RX rekordbox controller NAMM 2015 (6)

Rambling thoughts

The XDJ-R1 is unashamedly rekordbox focussed. And although it has MIDI, it makes no concessions towards any other software. I wouldn’t even expect the screens to work with any other software in a hurry. If you’re holding out for Serato DJ compatibility, don’t. You might be lucky and get a Pioneer DJ produced Traktor mapping, but I would expect a VirtualDJ mapping. But these will only be compromises — the XDJ-RX is for rekordbox, and that’s how you should use it to get the very best from it. Don’t complain if you buy one for different software and your experience is less than amazing.

Now forgive me if I’m seeing something that isn’t there, but I cannot help but see Pioneer DJ shaping rekordbox into an alternative to the established software big boys. Rekordbox is a class leading music management software. And with new hardware features like screens with stacked waveforms and multi-function pads being added, and laptop-only rekordbox features coming, I cannot help but feel that the signs are there for rekordbox to become Pioneer’s primary software of choice.

Pioneer DJ wants to tick every single box in the DJ menu — hell they brought out a turntable just to fill a gap in their range. But right now, they have to depend on other software vendors for the fuel to drive a large part of their range. The CDJs will run free from laptops, and now they have a controller in the same vein that will too. And I’m waiting for the moment that the PLX-1000s will somehow work with rekordbox too.

Summing up

As ever, Pioneer DJ doesn’t want to leave you hanging. The XDJ-RX will be available late February for $1499/£1199 (all prices would be useful in press releases). Of course, it’ll be on show at NAMM 2015 alongside other things, and Team DJWORX will have pictures and opinion right from the floor.