mixware-namm-2014 Vestax UDG Magma Decksaver

NAMM 2014: Mixware — UDG, Magma, Decksaver, and Vestax

mixware-namm-2014 Vestax UDG Magma Decksaver

Every year I come to NAMM and every year I spend way too much time seeing all of the things Mixware is representing now.  Beyond the standards of UDG, Magma and Decksavers, they now are home to the Vestax gear as well.  So we’re going to go one by one with all the cool stuff they are offering up.



So there was a little bit of confusion, it seems, at the recent announcement of providing two different tiers of product, a Pro and an LE.  Now, I think the image that instantly pops into our collective DJ brains is one product that is robust and heavy duty and really expensive and another that is inexpensive but will break with any wear.  Well, fortunately, that’s not what’s going on.

The Decksaver Pro line is protective covers exclusively for professional mixing boards.  We saw some examples of them laid out on Allen & Heath and Presonus boards and while they looked very good, they weren’t exactly what we were interested in.  If they are what YOU are interested in, however, they should be running approximately $199, and the Behringer Pro X32 cover is $299.

The LE line, however, is a little thinner than the classic Decksaver line we all know and love, but it’s also less expensive.  It provides all the protection we are used to, thankfully, but you don’t need to spend $100 to protect a $100 controller anymore.  We only saw the LE line on the DDJ-SB and while it was lighter and a little thinner, it still can get the job done.  It should run you only around $44.99, though I know for a fact more covers are coming.

NAMM 2014: Mixware — UDG, Magma, Decksaver, and Vestax


We were able to get a glimpse at a whole host of cool controller bags from UDG.  They offered a series of flight bas in their Urbanite series, large and medium sizes to fit up to a DDJ-SX.  The prices are also reasonable, sitting between $79.99 and $139.99.  Granted, the larger bags only hold your controller, and there’s very little space for your extra gear.

What we did see that is pretty cool that we can’t really show in pictures is a bag that fits the DDJ-SB with a Decksaver as well.  Usually these sleeves can’t fit that much more than the controller, but to have that extra bit of hold is great.

 Magma Riot Bag XXL


We were lucky enough to get a set of branded DJWorx bags on Magma Root XL bags, so we may be slightly biased, but there still is some cool stuff coming.  There are two new additions to the Riot line, a small and an extra large bag, each which open up fully and have extra stoppers you can line up to make sure your controller stays snug.  They feature a whole host of pockets (and who among us doesn’t love pockets) and feel really comfortable on your back.  The smallest Riot bag will run you $199.99, XL is $249.99 and the huge XXL is $299.99.  While they are pricey, there’s just so many pockets and so much space that be customized to your rig that it may just be worth it.

We also saw a massive bag built for the NS7II.  And I mean massive.  They also included extra support in the back to make sure nothing bad happens to all of those connections when it’s getting moved around.  It’s going to run you $119.99, which isn’t that bad if you’re going to be spending the scratch on the NS7II anyway.

There was also a new road case with both a front and back removable slot piece and as many size adjustment pieces as you could possibly need.  While I prefer bringing my gear in a backpack, mobile DJs may very much appreciate a more customizable experience for the sake of the security of their gear.

Vestax PDB4 NAMM 2014


Vestax didn’t have that much new to show this year, even though there are some amazing rumors rumbling around the DJ world.  I can’t really talk about them because they are just rumors and, well, that’s just not how we roll, but unfortunately this NAMM has been quiet.

They did have two products (both really new-ish) out for display.  The first is a sort of video podcasting in a box kit which we had gotten hints of a few years ago at NAMM, but wasnt a complete box yet.  It includes a microphone and two video cameras as well as a router that can be hooked to your computer.  The router can switch between video feeds and allow you to create a dynamic video experience without needing a whole control room.   It retails for $599.

The other not really new but kinda new thing was a VCI-400 custom mapped to The One.  Now, there are enough words on this site dedicated to our love of the VCI-400, and while the layout design is definitely new, they didn’t change much else so I won’t bore you.  Instead I just want to go a little fan boyish about The One.  This is another application that has been teased for a long time, and we keep getting updates and seeing new things, but it’s nice to see it coming a little more into itself.  The mapping feels good, and while the software is still not 100% pitch perfect yet, it’s getting better every update we see.


One of my favorite small manufacturers, responsible for the Tweaker and eBox44 has nothing new, but they keep teasing me that something is coming… so I’m going to tease you too, because something is coming and I don’t know what and we should all suffer together.

NAMM 2014: Mixware — UDG, Magma, Decksaver, and Vestax

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