NAMM 2014 DJ Tech DIF-1M MIDI scratch Mixer (2)

Now looky here – this is the budget Z2 scratch mixer you’ve been waiting for. The DJ Tech DIF-1S has made massive waves in the scratch DJ scene in the last 12 months, and now we’ve got the most logical followup. The DIF-1M adds the most requested features that users asked for after seeing the DIF-1S, namely MIDI, filters, and balanced output.

The words from DJ Tech:


  • High performance 2-channel scratch DJ mixer
  • Analogue filter for each Channel
  • Integrated premium quality contactless Mini innoFADER as the crossfader
  • Compatible with the original full-size innoFADER
  • Midi Buttons and Midi Knob
  • DVS mode: Switch between the traditional vinyl/CD setup and DVS software setup without reconnecting a single cable.
  • Jack Master Out and RCA booth output with dedicated volume control


The DJ Tech DIF-1M is a professional DJ scratch mixer with integrated Mini innoFADER from famous scratch fader manufacturer Audio Innovate.

Inherited from the original innoFADER, it provides smooth and robust feeling to the Scratch DJs. The contactless design gives a long life of over 4,000,000 cycles! The cut-in position can be adjusted by users with simple calibration steps to fit your taste and the Reverse switch allows you to do different style of scratch skill. The mixer is also compatible with the original innoFADER for future upgrade.

The DIF-1M’s TIMECODE Mode makes DJ’s life easier switching between ordinary turntable setup and DVS setup. Just switch to the TIMECODE channel on the top panel and you are ready to use as a DVS setup. The DIF-1M serves as a full-feature 2-channel mixer: 3-band EQ, Master Jack Out, mic input, both 6.35mm & 3.5mm headphones outputs and  Booth output with a dedicated volume control.

Each channel on the DIF-1M has its own dedicated 3-band isolator EQs and dedicated High-Pass/Low-Pass filters.The DIF-1M is able to control all MIDI software from dedicated MIDI mappable buttons and Knobs on the mixer.

NAMM 2014 DJ Tech DIF-1M MIDI scratch Mixer (3)

What is the DJ Tech DIF-1M?

I’d say it’s the evolution and maturation of the DIF-1S. And adding MIDI to it pretty much completes this budget scratch mixer for most people. It looks like 4 buttons per channel with a 5th for shift functions, as well as a full rotary encoder per channel. The addition of filters brings the DIF-1M up to code for today’s minimum standards for mixers.

From a personal perspective, the addition of master cue is the icing on the cake. Being able to scratch in your headphones is essential for a lot of DJs, so instead of hanging a cable from one of the outputs, you now have proper cueing. Yay.

So to price — at the time of writing, the tentative price for the DJ Tech DIF-1M is $239. So it’s a tad more expensive than the original DIF-1S, but for a mini innofader endowed MIDI mixer with hardware filters, it’s still very much in the realms of inexpensive. I’m looking forward to seeing how people will use the MIDI controls.



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