So if you’ve been watching social media over the last few days you’ve seen a ton of coverage of the DJ Tech guys doing their thing.  They have Qbert, Mix Master Mike, the Beatjunkies and a whole lot more performing.  And to think back to my first NAMM two years ago, the amount of changes that have come through is mind blowing.  Long gone are the days of the DJ mouse, and instead we are seeing some of the most professional scratch mixers on the scene at some of the lowest prices.


They have a few new products announced, as we’ve seen through press releases, and I got to see much more talented artists than me get their hands on them.  First up, the CTRL modular MIDI controller.  As has been discussed many times, I am a huge fan of add on controllers for DJ rigs.  The buttons on this thing are spectacular, very similar to the Native Instruments style buttons, which I adore.  This was just a prototype, but even this build was solid metal, and felt like it could easily withstand the rigors of use.  They haven’t agreed on a price yet, but it will definitely be below $99 and, well, that would be wonderful.


Their various mixers were also on display, as to be expected.  Beyond the Thud Rumble TRX mixer, which I don’t think I can adequately describe any better than the plethora of videos that are floating around can show, their two channel DIF-1M mixer with MIDI integration and their 4 channel DIF-4S mixer all have that same quality we are coming to expect from these upstarts.  I wasn’t aware, but each of these controllers have analog filters built in.  Obviously I couldn’t hear them because, well, they aren’t hooked up to anything, but if DJ Tech puts as much work into the filters as they did into their existing mixers I have no doubt they will be solid.  The MIDI controls on the mixer felt alright and the design is very similar to a smaller Z2.  I’m hoping they replace the buttons that are there with the same style as their CTRL unit.

The DJ Tech DIF-1M mixer including MIDI control will be available for $249, and the 4 channel DIF-4s will be $309.



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