NAMM 2014 Day 2: Livid Dubspot DS1 and Moldover Guitar Wing

NAMM 2014 Day 2: Livid Dubspot DS1 and Moldover Guitar Wing

NAMM is always about what’s new and exciting in the music industry.  For our small little pocket of that world, though, there are very few companies who push the boundaries like our friends at Livid Instruments.  While we were greeted by some of our favorites (the Base, for example) we were shown some new excitement.

Dubspot DS1

NAMM 2014 Day 2: Livid Dubspot DS1 and Moldover Guitar Wing

The one new prototype we got to see, though, was their DS1 .  This mixing board was designed in collaboration with Dave Cross (hi Dave! – Ed) and Dubspot (DS, get it?) to help beginners learn how to mix in computers without needing to break their brains with illogical controllers or spend way too much money on high-end production desks.  It emulates the old school mixing boards but at a much lower price point, and with beautiful lights and controls.  It obviously isn’t small, but it should cover almost everything you need to mix in your DAW of choice.

Moldover Guitar Wing Prototype

Moldover Guitar wing prototype

We also got to sit and see their new guitar add-on which they are kickstartering (VERB).  The ever-present, super talented Moldover gave us a live demo with their prototype and it was a blast.  While there were some issues, as you’ll see in our video below, I want to be very clear that he was using a prototype, not the controller which will be for sale.

The unit is small, light and plastic.  The large round buttons are all pressure sensitive, and while the buttons on the top offer no physical feedback (they don’t click or anything) there are some buttons on the rim of the unit which do.  I’ll stop wasting my words and let Moldover explain everything in the video at the top of this story.

A note on Bitwig

I haven’t made it to the Bitwig booth, but taking a step away from their usual demos using Ableton, Livid was providing all their examples using Bitwig instead.  While we have all quietly been both very excited for Bitwig to come and hesitant to sing its praises since we haven’t been sure it wouldn’t become vaporware, it was awesome to get a chance to see it in action.  I won’t say much before I stop by their booth, but I am more excited now than I was.

NAMM 2014 Day 2: Livid Dubspot DS1 and Moldover Guitar Wing

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