NAMM 2013: Mixware's stand of many DJ brands

NAMM 2013: Mixware’s stand of many DJ brands

NAMM 2013: Mixware's stand of many DJ brands

The Mixware booth is kind of insane. There are a mixture of really great brands all doing different things crammed together to give us great pieces to look at. To start we have…


NAMM 2013 Decksaver Pioneer WeGO

We are huge fans of Decksavers at DJWORX and they had a few new ones for us to take a look at. We saw new decksavers for DJ mixer: Rane 62 and the Kontrol Z2 ($69.99); the Pioneer DDJ-SX ($79.99) and the WeGo ($64.99). They are, as expected, just as good as you’d think.


Sharing a booth with them was Electrix, makers of my personal favorite, the Tweaker. Not only did they have a few out for us to play with, but they had a brand new case which retails for $39.99. If you travel with the Tweaker, or just want to keep it safe from your general disorganization and mess, it can’t be beat.


NAMM 2013: Mixware's stand of many DJ brands

Right behind the Tweaker was a whole host of new UDG bags designed for the changing DJ market. They have a: NI Maschine Mikro hardcase ($54.99) in both black and silver; a cartridge hardcase for the traveling turntable DJ ($29.99); RMX-1000 hardcase ($54.99); and a Launchpad hardcase ($44.99).

Obviously we didn’t throw them around or hit them with hammers, but they feel like they could take a beating and keep your precious gear safe.


NAMM 2013: Mixware's stand of many DJ brands

Magma has also been hard at work building some top notch bags for the shifting controller market. They have a new line of bags called the Digi Control Bags. They come in three different sizes: Large to fit an S2 or an APC-40 ($149.99); Xtra Large to fit an S4 to a RM-4 ($159.99); and Xtra Xtra Large to fit a DDJ-SX or an NS6 ($199.99).

We also got to play with a new waterproof tarpaulin bag (looks like it’s called the Riotpack from the pictures… Ed), which is too new to have any real information (like price or stats), but it definitely looked like it could take a beating and keep on going.

Monkey Banana

NAMM 2013, Monkey Banana speakers

The unfortunately named speaker company had a small presence, showing a 4″ ($299.99), 5″ ($399.99), and 6″ ($499.99) set of speakers. They have a nice unique design and sounded crisp, though it’s always hard to hear anything at NAMM. They also had a 10″ subwoofer ($999.99).

Keep in mind that those prices are per speaker, and, well, that’s a lot of money. They sounded good, probably in line with the KRK’s, but at that price point I just cant see them making a splash.


NAMM 2013: Mixware's stand of many DJ brands

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