Gemini G4V virtual DJ controller NAMM 2013

NAMM 2013: Gemini G4V Virtual DJ Controller

Gemini G4V virtual DJ controller NAMM 2013

Oh look – another 4 channel controller with 16 pads and all the usual stuff that you’ve become accustomed to with each passing trade show. And this NAMM is no exception. Having just covered off Numark’s goliath NS7 II controller, it’s now the turn of the esteemed Gemini, who in double quick time have turned out an on-trend controller, that I actually like the look of.

A brief message out of Gemini HQ:

Gemini announces the G4V 4-channel Virtual DJ controller

Anaheim, CA – January 7th, 2013 Gemini, an esteemed manufacturer of DJ and Pro Audio equipment, is pleased to exhibit the G4V, a USB controller/audio interface with a 4-channel mixer. Gemini will give NAMM attendees a chance to see their new product and take it for a test spin at Booth 5700 Hall B.

The G4V transforms the standard DJ controller into a dynamic performance controller. With 2 full-featured DJ decks, touch-sensitive jog wheels, 4 channels of audio with 3-band EQ and filter controls, and 16 multi-function performance pads and rotary encoders the G4V delivers the sought after controls for spontaneous and intuitive track playback and manipulation.

The pre-mapped FX controls for Virtual DJ bring immediate results upon first use, while the fully MIDI mappable and high-resolution 14-bit controls give the G4V the ability to grow alongside advances in skill and in DJ software. The multi-function performance pads and rotary encoders are detailed and responsive enough for a vast array of assignments and the vivid lighting of the performance pads, function buttons, and active LED level monitors give the visual feedback required in complicated performances where a computer screen can be pressed for space.

With a professional sounding 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface and all the I/O’s needed to monitor, record, playback, and connect a microphone or an auxiliary source the sound leaving the G4V is only limited by the imagination of the DJ behind it.

Since 1974, Gemini has designed products that offer value and innovation in the DJ and Pro Audio markets. Today, their portfolio continues to develop in scope and diversity, providing gear for DJs, musicians, engineers, professional installers and general music enthusiasts around the globe. From CDJ media players and digital controllers, to high-quality mixers, monitors and loudspeakers, Gemini has built a legacy with passion for innovation and devotion to their customers.

As some round these parts will testify, I’m a huge fan of grids. Our minds work left/right and up/down, so if you’re to make the most effective use of a controller in a hurry, everything being in straight lines is a huge aid to productivity, and just looks a lot better too. So when I saw the all new Gemini G4V, it immediately scored brownie points. It also made me realise that even though we pundits are collectively moaning about the slew of only slightly different controllers, it’s clear that with the established feature set, controllers have reached the apex or nadir of design depending on your viewpoint. When a faceplate is dominated essentially by jogwheels, mixer controls and 16 pads, there really isn’t much that can be done in the small space. I sense that a future and ongoing argument will be pads above or below the jogwheel. But that’s a whole different article.

Obviously from a render, it’s hard to tell anything at all. But you can be sure that the DJWORX micro-flashmob will be descending upon the Gemini stand to pass judgement on this and the GMX Pro as well. Expect photos, video and opinion soon. My opinion – I love the layout, but reserve judgement on quality and feel.

NAMM 2013: Gemini G4V Virtual DJ Controller

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