NAMM 2013: Gemini G4V and GMX Pro DJ Controllers 1

Gemini had two extremely interesting products on show this year. I say interesting because, at first glance they are pretty standard fare for what the kids are buying these days, but the prices are aggressive. Super aggressive.

Gemini G4V GMX Pro NAMM 2013 (10)

Gemini G4V

The G4V is a 4 deck controller. Layout wise, it offers no real surprises, and is fairly reminiscent of the VCI-400 and the Reloop Terminal 4. With 4 mode switches for the pads (which, while rubber, are not velocity sensitive), dual pressure-sensitive jog wheels and an analog passthrough (but not a mixer) and a copy of Virtual DJ (potentially the first with VDJ8 LE, depending on timeframe), it offers everything you would expect, but no surprises, right?

Wrong. Built like a tank, with XLR outs and 14bit MIDI on both the pitch faders and the jog wheels, at $399 it is kind of a steal. Even with a full Traktor Pro license you are still sitting at $499, cheaper by $400 than the S4. When we get one in we will have some real opinions, but as it stands it provides serious competition at the price point.

Gemini G4V GMX Pro NAMM 2013 (6)

Gemini GMX Pro

Two digital players, mixer, hot cues, loops. Filter. Pressure sensitive jog wheels. XLR outs. MIDI. $299.

Sitting in the same sort of niche filled by the Pioneer Aero and Stanton SCS.4DJ, mobile DJ’s are probably going to be the most excited because of the lack of laptop. That said, at $299, we are talking stupid money. Like, how did they get it that cheap money. Much to our surprise, especially at this price, it is a hefty hunk of metal.  And, again, at $299.

Gemini has been making strides in the last few years, and the team there really seems to care about bringing out products at the price that people expect from them, while bringing the quality up to something that we can trust. The kids there have a good head on their shoulders, and I hope that they can keep this pace up.


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